Texas Restaurant Is Begging To Go Out Of Business With New Mask ‘Surcharge’

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Legends Diner in Denton, Texas not only recommends wearing masks–they’re requiring it. Customers who don’t comply will be assessed a $50 surcharge.

Do these people hear how asinine these protocols sound? Clearly not.

But not only is it going to cost you money if you forget or choose not to wear a mask, the owner claims it’ll cost even more dough if she has to explain to you why she made the requirement in the first place:

“$50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory and $75 if I have to hear why you disagree,” Kat LaCombe said.

Apparently LaCombe also responded to a Facebook post in which a fellow Texan wrote “I don’t trust restaurant owners for medical advice.”

“At the restaurant we comply with city and state mandates. But some things must be done without someone telling you to,” she fired back. “All we ask is that customers wear a mask as they walk past another person that is eating and not wearing a mask. Sure doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.”

Let’s make this quick

Fining customers more money than their entire meal will cost for refusing to wear a mask is authoritarian. These business owners surely hang onto Dr. Fauci’s every word like it’s the word of God, and they’re refusing to engage with customers who disagree. This isn’t how America was supposed to operate when it was founded in 1776.

If you have a point of view that differs with the owners of Legends Diner, you literally have to pay an extra $75. Can you imagine what would happen if a restaurant charged $100 for buying into Dr. Fauci’s double-mask recommendation? Rachel Maddow would helicopter to the restaurant’s roof top to report the injustice ASAP.

“No one wants this world to get back to normal more than small business owners,” LaCombe concluded.

At least she’s right about that. The only issue we’re running into is HOW we get back to normal. Requiring healthy Americans to wear coverings in a state that already lifted the mask mandate earlier this month isn’t enforcing “health and safety protocols.” It’s a practice Xi Jinping would deploy on hungry Chinese civilians to make sure they knew their place.

But should LaCombe be shut down by Texas leadership? No, because she’ll run out of business on her own. No way Texas (of all states) gives any of their hard-earned money to a local business owner who charges them to go mask-less. Kat LaCombe will be in the unemployment line sooner rather than later.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Ah, it was a joke. Lefties aren’t so good at humor, so I understand if you missed it. I’m a pro, so I am trained to pick up on these subtleties. Hey, only actor on Green Acres to win an Emmy! Of course that dog turd Cuomo ruined the Emmy’s forever.

  2. Obnoxious, but i do believe it is the right of businesses to mandate mask usage in their establishment. They are the ones that will have to deal with the consequences…be that less business or maybe additional business if this attracts the right crowd. The other comments seem to be “they will shut down due to lack of business” or “they will change the policy”. I am good with either…that’s capitalism. Much better than having the government dictate to the business owner that if they let customers in without a mask they will get shut down.

      • As long as you know ahead of time. And do you have to put the mask on between bites?
        I would be tempted to take cash, and only pay for what I ate if they added the mask charge.
        Especially since they said “If you forget your mask.” They should have some available for purchase if they are that worried.”

  3. Early on, many Democrats realized that the mask could be used as a very divisive issue (where their side (mask promoters) could look like the enlightened virtuous ones (who really care about others), and those most likely to question the need and motives (critical thinking conservatives) would look like the knuckle draggers).

    And in an election year, when you are the opposition, and believe anything justifies getting rid of Trump, what better way to sow chaos, dissent, depression, etc which never helps the incumbent. From the beginning, I’ve looked for evidence that masks are effective. The studies before COVID were related to influenza protection and are by no means ringing endorsements (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20092668/) as one example.

    The study the CDC just put out a few weeks ago, that was touted by the media as evidence they work, is also inconclusive. According to Buck Sexton (whom, to my knowledge, has an impeccable reputation for integrity) stated the study basically said that over the course of almost a year, masks helped to reduce transmission by 1 to 1.5%, but the margin of error of the study was 3%. Details the average American will never know, or care to know.

    With the states that never imposed masks, combined with the states that have recently dropped their mandates, we will soon have more evidence, in my opinion, that the masks might help a little but are certainly not worth the consequences (especially the potential negative effects to a child’s social development).

    In my opinion, masks are a placebo at best, and at worst, a nefarious way to further weaken our country through division, hating your neighbor, and a way to keep hammering home a negative stereotype of the conservatives. Remember, if you can paint the opposition as uncaring, selfish Neanderthals, sadly, many Americans won’t think deeper than that, regardless of the merits of our arguments, because emotion generally trumps reason in the human condition.

  4. The free market is going to fix this very quickly. The justice will be swift. It’s her business, though, and she is free to run it as she sees fit.

    If I brought in all the charts of all the states that locked down (masks etc), and compared them with the states that didn’t, and showed her they were the same, i’d be charged $75.

    TN has the same death rate as a percent of cases as California. She’s just wrong.

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