Report: Texas and Oklahoma Are Leaving Big 12

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Texas and Oklahoma are leaving the Big 12, Chip Brown reports Friday:

[T]he founding members of the Big 12, are leaving the league – and barring any unforeseen developments, will join the Southeastern Conference, a high-level source close to the situation told Horns247.

Texas and OU officials plan to inform the Big 12 on Monday that they won’t renew when the league’s grant of rights expire in 2025, a step that clears the path for the SEC to formally consider adding Texas and OU.

The move paves way for Texas and Oklahoma to end up in the SEC, which could soon vote on adding the two schools to the conference.

Meanwhile, Texas and Oklahoma are prepared to wait until the current grant of rights agreement expires in 2025 before moving on from the Big 12.

“To leave earlier, Texas and OU would be contractually bound to give up their four remaining years of Big 12 television revenue, Brown says, “which would total nearly $160 million each (based on 2019’s $37.7 million payout per school) – although such situations in the past have been settled in court to allow both sides to move on.”

Assuming all goes as planned, the SEC is about to become a 16-team super conference. OutKick’s Clint Lamb wrote earlier this week that running a conference of that size could become difficult when it comes to scheduling. Thus, Lamb discussed dividing the new super conference into four four-team subdivisions, proposing the following:

Division A: Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M

Division B: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina

Division C: Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss

Division D: Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

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Written by Bobby Burack

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    • I know you guys beat OK pretty handily a couple seasons ago. Let’s face it though that LSU team was historically good. Oklahoma has just as many 4/5 stars as your team trust me. Texas though, fuck Texas they struggle with Iowa State, Kansas State, TCU and West Virginia, so they are like the 7th or 8th best team in the SEC. Maybe that changes, maybe it doesn’t. Time will tell. Other than money though, I don’t see how this helps Oklahoma. They will go from dominating their conference, except for a slip up here and there to having to play a lot of good teams during the season. The path to the playoffs is easier in the Big 12. This isn’t about winning and losing though its just about money.

      • This is all about recruiting capital. All of the commissioners knew that NIL was coming and that its would change the way teams recruit. Look at Saban earlier this week…”My QB is nearing Seven figures and hasn’t started a game”. Whether that is true or not, it put an entire nation of sophomore QBs in Alabama’s radar. The SEC has more schools with more fan interest ($$$) and Booster support ($$$) for their football programs than does the Big 12. The SEC should trade Vandy to the big 12 for OSU and then we’ll be set! Boomer!

  1. This is a joke that only makes sense when you follow the $$. This move totally ruins the geographic rivalries and competitive balance of the conferences. SEC was already the deepest conference and now they poach the Big XII’s 2 biggest teams?? Might as well just dismantle the remainder of the Big VIII now.

    ACC needs to snag WV asap. Not a powerhouse but a solid program that makes perfect regional sense. As for what you do with the other teams….

    • Agreed. The ACC, however, has left WVU at the altar twice already. Once when the conference was formed (WVU, VT and South Carolina were left outside) mostly due to travel at that time to Morgantown. Then once again when VT, Miami, Syracuse, Pitt, BC all left the Big East because of TV markets. WVU is the perfect fit for the ACC, and especially in basketball would make the conference a major force. WVU is 15th all time in D-1 football wins so its not like we are Rutgers, Vanderbilt or Kansas in football either.

      • True dat. Other conferences need to start making moves since the SEC is lighting the fuse on consolidation. ACC might as well try to lock up ND since they’re independent only in football. Also, wouldn’t mind scooping up the Texas teams and OKSt. Let the B10 have the Kansas teams and Iowa St.

        Boom. Power 4.

        • Here is what I hope happens: WVU and ND to ACC; Tex Tech, Baylor, TCU and Ok State to Pac-12; Kansas, K State and Iowa St to Big 10.

          Who knows though, this is all about greed so we shall see what happens next.

  2. I would like to see the B12 move to invite back Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and TA&M or Arkansas. Become the B12 again. If that works then they will be better off without the other two schools. Texas is the rich brat nobody likes and OU will become the Nebraska of the B10, middle class. If they don’t make the move now then everyone will scatter and we will end up with 4 – 16 team leagues which wouldn’t be bad either as long as KU lands in the B10.

    • I agree about Texas, fuck them. They have an overinflated sense of self. I watched the Shorthorns beat WVU (when Will Grier broke is finger) to become bowl eligible and their fans acted like they just beat Alabama. As for OU, the only teams slightly better than them in the SEC year in year out are Alabama and Georgia. LSU whipped them in ’19 but that was a historically good LSU team. I think the Big 12 is dead. The remaining teams better line up their alternatives quickly or it will become the AAC basically with the addition of UCF, Houston, Memphis and Cincinnati.

  3. This is the beginning of the end of the Big X and ACC. The SEC will also add Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson and FSU. A 20 team super conference. Either join or die.

    What is interesting is how MBB is so irrelevant. The defending National Champion is a Bigt XII school, yet no one cares.

    Then the real fun begins.

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