Texas Longhorns Fans Dressed In Burnt Orange Cheering For Texas A&M Raise Questions About Rivalry Allegiance Protocol

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Texas and Texas A&M do not get along. That rivalry is what made the student section at Tuesday night’s basketball game so confusing.

The Aggies, ranked No. 25 in the country, hosted the No. 11-ranked Tennessee Volunteers in College Station. It was a sold-out crowd at Reed Arena for the top-25 matchup and the home team came out victorious by a score of 68-63.

While the back-and-forth game itself was exhilarating, the real storyline came out of the stands.

There, amidst a sea of A&M students, stood two young fans dressed in the wrong color. They wore orange, but not for the Vols— for the Longhorns.

Video of the student section shows the Aggies with locked arms, chanting and swaying back and forth. As did the two orange-clad fans.

The identities of the two Texas fans are unclear at this time, but it sparks a lot of confusion.

Who are they? Are they really Longhorns fans?

If so, how and why do they know the A&M chants? Why did they participate?

If not, why are they wearing Texas clothes?

More than likely, there is something bigger at play here. My best guess is that the fans are not who they dressed to be. I would reckon that they are two fraternity pledges who were put up to the task.

There’s no way that two Texas fans, even if they knew every word and every move to their in-state rival’s cheer from their childhood or something to that effect, would willingly participate. It’s also hard to imagine that they would willingly dress in Longhorns colors and sit in the Aggies student section without incentive and/or being forced to do so.

With that said, there is always the chance that those two fans were the only two brave enough to wear their colors. Should that be what happened, credit to them for their guts, but shame on them for adhering to their rivals’ traditions.

Written by Grayson Weir

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