Texas Longhorn Band Won’t Participate At Baylor Game Due To ‘Eyes Of Texas’ Controversy

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The University of Texas will not have its band performing against Baylor on Saturday. The dispute over “The Eyes of Texas” song looms large for the Longhorns, and now members of the band are refusing to play.

According to Andrew Zhang with The Daily Texan, an internal survey was conducted to see if band members would participate in the longstanding tradition. The results found that many would choose to skip the performance.

That development led to school band director Scott Hanna to issue a statement: “we do not have the necessary instrumentation, so we will not participate in Saturday’s game.”

The news of the decision isn’t shocking. The band hasn’t performed at any games this season due to COVID-19. Instead, the stadium has blared a recording of the song through loudspeakers.

It sounds like that will still be the case this week.

The controversy surrounding “The Eyes of Texas” began in the offseason and has continued into the fall. Many students, including some Texas athletes, actively tried to convince the university to stop using the song, due to alleged racial undertones.

The conversation became even more heated when Longhorns quarterback Sam Ehlinger was the only player participating in the tradition following the loss to Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry.

We will see where this story goes from here.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Wokeness F’s up everything it touches, including college sports. The reason is it’s a beast that’s never satiated. It is always looking for the next outrage…whether it was something that happened today or 200 years ago. JV football beware…they’re coming for ya.

    • Exactly. They are getting a free education to play in a marching band. If they refuse their required duties as member of the marching band, revoke their scholarship. Until people in power stop cowering in fear to Northern California algorithms and small but loud percentage of people that live and die by them, and take control of that which they have been charged to control, we are doomed.

    • It is my understanding as a Texas Ex that the school doesn’t give scholarships to play in the band. But at any rate, if you’re going to be in the band, playing the song is part of the deal. Nobody had an issue with this song until the last year. Which tells you how dumb this controversy is. If your standard is that the song is bad because of the time and place of its origins, then how can you be in the band since it is once segregated, and the uniform style they have has stayed the same since those times?

  2. Start stripping scholarships from students unwilling to perform. (If the band hasn’t been performing anyway due to COVID, it looks like the perfect time to send a message.)

  3. Blame the weak college administrations, blame the woke student population, but in this case I wouldn’t blame the student band members. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of marching band members are not there on scholarship and it is essentially a volunteer activity for fun.

    Even if 100% of the band members had no problem with the song, I can’t imagine that they want to be stuck in the middle of a political debate when they really just want to play at the game and party afterwards.

  4. The Eyes wasn’t “racist” until 15 minutes ago, now it suddenly is. The “history of now” as one respected commentator calls it. Those protesting the song, once a great source of pride and unity at UT, are completely ignorant of its provenance. Multiple generations of family have attended UT so I was raised as a rabid Orangeblood. Attended multiple Texas – OU games in the 90s and I still get chills recalling the singing of The Eyes after a last second victory in 1990. What is going on is truly sad. Wokeness and revisionist history area killing this country.

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