Incredible Video Shows Texas Fan Passionately Headbutting A Player’s Pads After Beating Alabama

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A Texas fan has launched himself into legendary status on the internet for his antics after the Longhorns beat Alabama.

The Longhorns marched into Tuscaloosa this past weekend and pulled off an incredibly impressive road victory. It was such an impressive win for Texas that it left some fans wondering whether or not Nick Saban might be considering retirement.

Well, there’s a new wrinkle to the night, and it might be the most entertaining part of it all.

Texas fan goes viral for headbutting a player’s shoulder pads. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Texas fan headbutts player’s shoulder pads after beating Alabama.

In a video shared by Noah Gross, an unidentified shirtless Texas fan was so jacked up that he started headbutting Cameron Williams’ shoulder pads.

Was he looking for a little CTE? The answer is he probably didn’t care about a possible concussion. Texas had just won and he was ready to run through a brick wall.

Watch the incredible video below.

Longhorns fan goes viral after beating Alabama.

It’s impossible to not at a minimum laugh at this video. A lot of people – myself included – absolutely love it.

This video represents everything that’s great about college football. The fans are just built differently. There’s more of a connection to the teams because people attended the schools, their parents might have and your money can have a direct impact.

The culture and traditions of college football are unbeatable. That’s why you have to celebrate whenever your team earns a huge win.

A Texas fan went viral for headbutting a player’s pads after the team beat Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

This guy, who the internet is trying to identify, decided to celebrate by smacking his head against Cameron Williams’ shoulder pads. It’s never a good idea to crush your head against something that isn’t soft, but the Longhorns had just pulled off the team’s biggest win in years.

Logic was out the window. Emotion was in the driver seat.

Texas upset Alabama in Tuscaloosa. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Hopefully, the internet does its thing and finds who this man was. I have several questions, and something tells me this young man would create OutKick gold.

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