Texas A&M Streaker Hit With Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct After Throwing Horns Down And Trolling Longhorns

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Not only did Texas A&M baseball lose to Texas on Tuesday night, the Aggies showed their ass. Literally.

Technically, it was just one Aggie who revealed his rump, and he was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. So it didn’t end well.

As the top of the fourth inning got underway, a shirtless fan took off across the diamond wearing only compression shorts, gloves, sneakers and a wrestling mask. He took off from the first base line and finished his run in centerfield— after two attempts to hop the wall.

The crowd went wild with both excitement and shock as the streaker made his dash.

Initially, the streaker was holding a sign that read “Longhorns suck.” The sign made it to the pitchers mound, but was quickly ditched in favor of a classic two-handed “horns down.”

And then it happened. A rogue fan became a streaker.

Shortly before reaching the infield, the Aggies fan pulled down his compression shorts and flashed his buttocks. Close-up video can be seen here.

Although the streaker’s run was rather impressive at first, especially because no one tried to confront him, the evening ended very poorly. After eventually getting up and over the outfield wall, he was met with a dead end.

A police officer was waiting just beyond the wall and immediately instructed him to get on the ground. With nowhere to go, the streaker obliged and was detained.

Police told the local news that the streaker will be charged. His moment of glory quickly turned into a brutal reality.

As it would turn out, the streaker was Spencer Werner, a freshman on the Aggies’ cross-country team. He posted $2,800 bail after the arrest and was released.

“Streakers” are often called “streakers” despite a lack of nudity. In this instance, on account of the bare cheeks, this Texas A&M fan qualifies.

To make matters worse, the Aggies fans could not will their team to victory, despite their best efforts with the ever-intimidating “Ball Five” chant.

Texas won 5-2 and handed Texas A&M its 10th loss of the season.

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