Texans May Wait Until Offseason For Deshaun Watson Trade

The NFL’s trade deadline is quickly approaching (Tuesday, 4 p.m. EST), but the circus that is the Houston Texans appears to be in no rush to move the elephant in the room. According to a report Sunday morning report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Texans will likely keep Deshaun Watson in Houston past the deadline.

Per Schefter: “many in the Texans organization want to turn the page and move on from Watson as soon as possible, Houston is ready to reopen trade discussions centered on the quarterback in the offseason.”

Watson’s being paid more than $17 million this season to linger on the inactive list. The 26-year-old quarterback has demanded a trade, and Houston is happy to oblige. But first, the team needs to find someone that will meet their hefty trade demands. As OutKick’s Armando Salguero detailed last week, a trade appeared imminent, but talks then cooled.

Though keeping Watson in Houston through the regular season remains awkward for all parties involved, an offseason trade likely leaves the Texans with a better chance of scoring the king’s ransom they’ve been seeking. Right now, only a handful of teams have the necessary cap room to absorb Watson’s contract. It would also be tough for any contending team to swap quarterbacks mid-season. And of course, there are still 22 lawsuits attached to Watson that have yet to be addressed.

With Watson glued to the sidelines, the Texans have been unable to move from the AFC South basement. After eight weeks, Houston is 1-7 with Tyrod Taylor and Davis Mills handling quarterbacking duties.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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