Texans’ Lead Receiver Ticked About Mark Ingram Trade

Upon hearing that Mark Ingram was headed back to the Big Easy, most New Orleans players and fans reacted with all the excitement of a Fat Tuesday bender. But not everyone dusted off their Mardi Gras beads in celebration. Former Saint and current Texan Brandin Cooks is less than jovial that Ingram will soon move from one-win Houston to likely playoff-bound New Orleans.

“This is bullshit. Such a joke,” Cooks tweeted shortly after the trade was announced.

It’s tough to fault Cooks’ thinking…or tweeting.

He and Ingram were teammates in the Bayou for three seasons before reuniting in Houston earlier this year, and now their seasons appear headed in opposite directions. Cooks likely sees the writing on the wall that the Ingram trade is likely the initial spark of an expected Texans fire sale. Houston is currently 1-6 with their only notable name, Deshaun Watson, cemented on the inactive list.

Before the trade, Ingram had been the Texans’ leading rusher with 294 yards. His departure leaves Cooks as Houston’s only offensive weapon. Through seven games, he’s hauled in 45 catches for 502 yards and a touchdown. He’s also caught passes from backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor and backup-to-the-backup quarterback Davis Mills.

A disappointed Cooks will now watch his now former teammate, Ingram, share a sideline with coach Sean Payton and QB Jameis Winston while he continues to suit up alongside David Culley and Davis Mills.

The NFL’s trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m., giving the Texans nearly a week to pawn their players and Cooks additional time to sulk and draft more mean tweets.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Who do the the Texans have that will cause teams join the firesale. The team is awful. They don’t have a QB that doesn’t have a proclivity to sexually abuse women. The defense is the worst in the league. The O-line can’t protect any QB. There’s no running backs, including the one they got in the Hopkins trade.
    The front office is a joke.
    The only reason Cooks is mad is that he wasn’t included in the trade.

    I wish I could get odds on Texans going 1-16 this year.

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