Terry Bradshaw Says Lions Coach, GM Have to Go. He’s Right

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Since the franchise’s formation, the Lions haven’t given fans reasons to enjoy Sundays. Instead, the fan base finds joy when their inept coach and GM get crushed on TV.

Sunday morning, Terry Bradshaw provided a two-for-one:

“There will be changes made. I think Bob Quinn, the general manager, should be fired. The head coach has got to go, if not during the season (then) after it,” Bradshaw said on Fox. “I remember going into Pittsburgh in ’70, Joe Greene was drafted No. 1 (in the first round) the year before. He was the foundation for that franchise. They made it right, right off the bat. It was Joe Greene that got it started. And the winning started and all of a sudden, the attitude changed. A losing franchise in the 1950s and 60s — and the Steelers turned it around. The Lions can do that, but they’ve got to get the right people.

“You look at Calvin Johnson; left early. Why? He wanted to. You look at Barry Sanders left early. Why? He wanted to. He wanted out of that losing. You’ve got to change everything inside, and it starts with the owners making the right decision with the general manager and a head coach, and don’t go to New England. The only one up there that can coach is Bill Belichick.”

We at Outkick have been calling for the Lions to can Matt Patricia for weeks. He might be the worst coach in modern NFL history. Adam Gase and Dan Quinn are awful — Patricia is at least two notches below.

Written by Bobby Burack

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