Terrell Owens: ‘There’s Not A White Coach’ Who Can Recruit Like Deion Sanders

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It takes skin to win in the world of college football recruiting. And it helps if that skin is black, at least according to Terrell Owens. The NFL Hall of Famer said that the fact that Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders is black, not white, is what enabled JSU to land the country’s top recruit, Travis Hunter.

“…there’s not a white coach that can go into a black man’s home and do what Deion did, that’s very special,” Owens said during an appearance on HANG with former pros Shannon Sharpe and Hugh Douglas.

Hunter, primarily a defensive back, had been committed to Sanders’ alma mater, Florida State, before flipping to Jackson State on last Wednesday’s signing day. Though he didn’t go as far as to reference his complexion, Douglas did agree with Owens that Deion’s background played a major role in Hunter’s JSU commitment. “(Deion is) someone that speaks (Hunter’s) language. Somebody he can communicate on a level you can’t communicate with like any other coach,” said Douglas. “The fact that Deion comes to town, you got Young Jeezy come speak to the kids, you’ve got T.I. come speak to the kids and it’s a genuine conversation about life.”

Fair point. I think we can all agree that there’s no life coach quite like Young Jeezy.

Douglas referenced those celebrity speakers, along with others, as being a major reason why Hunter would choose to play for Sanders: “I know a lot of people that probably looked at that initially, they were probably shocked about that. But for them to come in and tell these kids about what they’re going to potentially be facing in life, I don’t see Dabo Swinney or anybody else being able to relate to them on that level like that.”

Dabo Swinney by the way, had Charles Barkley and Darryl Strawberry attend Clemson practice as recently as this past August. Swinney’s Tigers have also won two national championships within the last five seasons. But apparently that doesn’t resonate with recruits as much as T.I.’s credentials.

According to 247Sports, the top recruit in the class of 2023 is quarterback Arch Manning, who’s white. Based on T.O.’s logic, Deion may want to sit this one out.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Can’t say I’m crazy about it, but it makes sense and will be the trend in the future…”birds of a feather flock together”… people group where there are like values and mindedness… Chinatown, the Italian District, and the black part of town are real things-always have been, always will be. I’m surprised there are not more black coaches in DI and the NFL given the overwhelming numbers of black players in major college football. That will increase over time… as will the number of referees, media, fans, viewers, administrators, etc. That’s not racism that’s human nature.

  2. Fair point. I think we can all agree that there’s no life coach quite like Young Jeezy.

    According to 247Sports, the top recruit in the class of 2023 is quarterback Arch Manning, who’s white. Based on T.O.’s logic, Deion may want to sit this one out.

    The comments above are proof that you totally missed the point of T.O.’s comments. But then again, looking at your picture. How would you know?

        • Get picked on? That`s what you call this? LOL! Half the time nobody even knows what the fuck your talking about on this site. I told you this before: When your white, your right. Prime might have gotten this kid to come to some black school nobody gives a shit about, but where everyone else is going…..white men run the show. Remember that.

    • What do you think is the point of TO’s comment? Not feeding the troll or picking a fight — I genuinely want to know what you think he really meant.

      Unlike many of my co-commenters, I wouldn’t ban you from the site. I’d _maybe_ turn down some of the trolling comments you make, but I otherwise would prefer to have your voice express at least some dissention with common opinion or OutKick will just turn into a useless echo chamber like most of the liberal-run tech forums.

  3. Is it Dion Sanders’ skin color … OR is it his “Prime Time” persona resplendent with bling, trash talk et al? Which is unique to him. There is only ONE Prime Time.

    Otherwise Kevin Sumlin would have survived. Charlie Strong would still be a factor. David Shaw would not be declining. And Mel Tucker will be dominating Ryan Day and Harbaugh for the next ten years. And where the heck are Willie Taggert and Randy Shannon ???

  4. TO bringing up up skin color just amplifies the pervasive racism blacks have toward Whites. There was a non partisan study done not long ago that demonstrated that blacks are the most bigoted race/ethnicity among Whites, blacks, Asians, and Jews. And by quite a large margin.

    • LMBAO….LOL…..HELLLLLLL NAwwwwww….. Let me guess…. It was a study from Tucker Carlson or Richard Spencer?. But seriously, given American history, you actually had the temerity type that bullshit down and post by itself.

      You can not make this shit up. Some of you are really this fucking stupid. I bet you believe “the election was stolen”? LMBAO….. You win Bubba….. #ReplacedForTheBetter

  5. Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Jimbo Fisher, Lincoln Riley and Ryan Day beg to differ. TO assumes all black people are as stupid as he is.

    Can Neon Deion recruit? Absolutely, but kids want to win and go pro. Much better likelihood playing for these other coaches right now.

  6. Glen from Mason, OH. Douchebag. BTW- why does anything have to be about color? Oh yeah, now I remember it is because the libtards. I don’t know any normal people that give two shits about race. Go fuck yourself Glen.

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