Terrell Owens Says CVS Beatdown On Crazy Shirtless Man Was ‘Self-Defense’

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Ex-Eagles wide receiver T.O. knocked out a man over the weekend outside a CVS in Inglewood, Calif.

After footage of the altercation went viral, Terrell Owens has been having to stick up for himself, calling his altercation with the shirtless provocateur an act of “self-defense.”

As reported on OutKick, Owens was at the CVS when he ran into a San Francisco 49ers (one of his ex-teams) fan inside the location and struck up a conversation.

Then another man approached the two and started a beef with the fan, which caused Owens to go on the defensive, Ronnie Lott-style.

In the video, Owens was seen outside the CVS with his dukes up, circling with the contentious man until he delivered a knockout punch.


Owens Says He Was In The Right To Knock Out The Man

Speaking with the Associated Press, Owens detailed the build-up to the fight, claiming that the man had followed T.O. and the fan outside, agitating the two with “threats” and aggressive behavior.

“The aggressor continued threatening the fan just as he did in the store,” Owens told the AP.

T.O. said he was playing peacemaker until the stranger got unruly.

“Once again, attempting to defuse the ongoing situation, I placed myself between the fan and the aggressor. I made verbal demands asking the aggressor to stop his threatening behavior,” he said.

Owens justified his highlight-worthy knockout as self-defense, which is certainly believable considering how often California CVS locations are chock-full of loonies.

“Like anyone else, I was making a stop at CVS and was blindsided by all of this,” Owens added. “Unfortunately, I had to act using self-defense to end a threat towards myself and the fan. I will attempt to make positive from this negative experience.”

Police were called to the scene, with the shirtless man still appearing to jaw at Owens after picking himself off the ground.

At the age of 48, Owens has shown that he’s not a man to mess with — still bearing a time-defying physique and looking as cut as ever with bulging muscles and a six-pack that only driveway sit-ups can chisel.

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