Terrell Owens Makes Good On Promise To Deion Sanders, Laces Up Jordans At Colorado Football Practice

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Terrell Owens and Deion Sanders go way back. They first lined up against each other during a famously physical matchup between the 49ers and Cowboys in 1997, were both inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and lead with a lot of swagger.

Their friendship has continued over the years and T.O. went down to Mississippi to visit Coach Prime at Jackson State last fall.

Five months later, the former promised the latter that he would fly out to Colorado and coach up two-way star Travis Hunter Jr. as a wide receiver during spring ball. Sanders can teach Hunter how to play cornerback, but Owens knows more about how to succeed on the other side of the ball.

That visit never happened. The spring period came and went. Owens never stopped by.

However, the promise resulted in something even better.

Owens is in Boulder as camp hits its peak and he isn’t just there for a quick in-and-out trip. He’s not just there for one day, he’s there all week!

T.O. arrived on Sunday and immediately got in front of the team to share some wisdom. His story speaks for itself and serves as great motivation, but his emphasis was on trust.

Sanders has built a phenomenal staff at Colorado and Owens knows that the coaches will get the players where they need to be if they just buy in to their teachings. The sky is the limit.

Hunter also finally got his chance to chop it up with the 15-year NFL veteran receiver. The former No. 1 overall recruit will have the opportunity to learn two different positions from two different Hall of Famers. Pretty neat!

To make the entire thing even cooler, Owens isn’t just there to watch. He’s there to serve as an assistant coach for the week and was on the field with the guys on Monday.

Although Owens is 49 years old, that isn’t going to stop him from getting in on the action. Video of the practice has yet to hit, but the five-time First-Team All-Pro laced up some Jordan cleats and hit the gridiron.

Keep an eye on the content out of Boulder over the next few days. There is a high probability that we get a video of T.O. lining up (and probably cooking) the Colorado defensive backs!

Written by Grayson Weir

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