Terrell Owens Defends Carmelo Anthony’s Lack Of NBA Championships

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NFL great Terrell Owens defended Carmelo Anthony against those who criticize him for having never won a championship

Owens knows a thing or two about that and said that at the end, they still get the last laugh.

TMZ spoke with the Hall of Fame wide receiver while he was outside of LAX about a comment made by ex-NFLer Tiki Barber. He compared Owens and Anthony by saying that the two are some of the best to have never won championships.

“I don’t take that as a slight by any means,” T.O. said of Barber’s comparison. “Not everybody gets to win a championship. That’s not the defining thing. Obviously, as an athlete, you want to compete. You obviously want to win a championship, but sometimes that’s not in everybody’s cards.

“That doesn’t define who he is, it doesn’t define his career/ I think his work kind of speaks for itself — not kind of — it does speak for itself.”

Owens makes a good point. there are plenty of athletes who have had first-ballot Hall of Fame careers but will always get a “Yeah, but…” argument about their lack of championships.

Owens argued that he and Anthony — a Hall of Fame shoo-in — get the last laugh.

“He’s going to be a Hall of Famer,” Owens said. “And for me, a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, well, you don’t have a ring.’ Well, essentially, he will have a ring. I do have a ring. I have a Hall of Fame ring, and not a lot of people can say that.”

Anthony announced his retirement earlier this month in an announcement that shocked a lot of people. However, that was because most thought he had already retired.

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