Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Agrees With Clay Travis On Transgender Athletes Debate: ‘Bullying Will Only Get You So Far’

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Tennis legend Martina Navratilova used her Twitter feed to come out in agreement with OutKick founder Clay Travis‘ take on a New York Times article targeting Navratilova for objecting to biological men competing against women.

“Trans activists demanded ⁦[NY Times]⁩ not speak to tennis legend ⁦@Martina⁩ because they said her position that men should compete against men and women should compete against women was unacceptable to share,” Clay shared on Tuesday.

Navratilova reiterated Clay’s take on the stunning request by activists to silence her opinion on trans athletes competing against biological women, quoting his tweet and adding, “Go figure… bullying will only get you so far…”

Travis spoke on the NYT piece on Tuesday’s episode of OutKick The Show, noting how even famed women’s rights and LGBTQ activists are being silenced for opposing the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports on the basis of fairness and common sense:

The Times article alluded to Navratilova as a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) in order to characterize the longtime activist as an opponent of progressive rights ideologies, which radically supports pitting transgender women and biological women against each other in competition. And deeming it as fair.

While the media tries to shun these opinions, people of reason are starting to fight back.

“Men who decide to identify as women have a huge competitive advantage … men are bigger, stronger and faster than women,” Clay said on Tuesday’s show.

To highlight the major competitive advantage, Clay cited the actual New York Times article which showed that in 2018 the world’s fastest women’s Olympic runner, Allyson Felix, was bested in her 400-meter race time by nearly 300 high school male athletes.

“In 2018, 275 high school boys ran faster than the fastest woman in the history of the world. …

“Lia Thomas trying to argue that trans athletes aren’t a threat to women’s athletics is a lie. Because Lia Thomas was not a good swimmer necessarily, certainly in high-end competition as a man. No chance to ever win an NCAA event as a man; becomes a woman, wins the 500 [meter race].

“Becomes the best women’s swimmer in the world of college athletics for that particular year. Never would’ve won a championship as a man — becomes a woman and wins.”

Watch Clay’s full comments below, and watch Tuesday’s episode of OutKick The Show by clicking here.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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  1. Progressives can’t seem to figure out that their politics will eventually turn on them. Not too long ago, progressives hollered that trying to prevent a gay man or lesbian from speaking out for their cause was a hate crime and would not be tolerated. Now PROGRESSIVES are the ones trying to silence gay men and lesbians like Navratilova for speaking out for their cause. Because progressives are the most intolerant, racist, hateful group in America today.

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