Tennessee’s Bri Ward Stops By, Jim Kelly Hunts In Tennessee & Wilt Shows Off His Vax Card

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I hope the people who just love snow are really happy this morning

Enjoy your 5″ of snow on April 21, you freaks. I hope it hits 90 on Memorial Day and doesn’t cool down until the end of September. In fact, I want the hottest June-July-August on record so you cry. I’m talking blazing hot. I want at least 65-70% humidity. I’ll be in the pool as you whine about how hot it is outside. That should serve as payback for rooting on the snow that fell last night here in northern Ohio and all the way down into Kentucky.

There I was yesterday during my lunch going into combat mode to protect and serve my precious plants that were about to be squashed by 5″ of wet snow and a hard freeze. The tulips are goners. Thankfully we don’t have limbs that snapped, but the Facebook reports are pouring in of Bradford pear tree limbs breaking off like normal when we get this wet April snow.

The silver lining to such destruction from this snowfall is that it’ll be 80 by Tuesday, and all the winter superfans can go back into their disgusting holes where they root for winter in the middle of spring.

• Moving along before I get too worked up, we learned Tuesday that NFL Draft hopeful OL Alex Leatherwood was asked by one team during an interview to pick between cats and dogs. “At first, I was caught off guard a little bit,” Leatherwood told NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano. “But I mean, it was a no-brainer, dog. Who likes cats? Those are, those are demons.” Wait until big cat guy Clay Travis hears that one.

• My basement network is finally up and running. A total of three TVs are on the network and eventually, a projector will join them. No more issues with Wi-Fi signals. It was an absolute game-changer to see those green lights blinking on the networking box and signals reaching the TVs. I’m sure one of you will say I should’ve just installed a Wi-Fi signal booster, but I couldn’t justify the cost. The CAT wire was free. I ran the wire and my buddy Mark came over and hooked up everything, and all it’ll cost me is a couple cases of Natty Light. I’m telling you guys, build a wide variety of friends who have skills of all sorts. 95% of you are my age, so you’ve already built electricians, roofers, plumbers, etc. into the Rolodex.

• And finally this morning, I heard from Kyle Trendel whose lumber price tweet was featured in Tuesday’s Caps. “My buddies are blowing up my phone,” Kyle wrote to me. It turns out his buddies are Screencaps connoisseurs and Kyle, who operates Trendel Lumber in Ottawa, KS (pop. 12,600) is willing to give us a weekly report on where the lumber market is heading. Like I said, cast a wide net and see which experts you can bring into the fold. Kyle’s officially in on lumber. My buddy Mark will handle network installation. I really like where things are heading this week.

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Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Joe, let’s see pics of the basement TV setup. I also think pictures of cool mancaves is a good idea for screencaps. Those pics always stop me in my tracks on insta. Not the themed ones, which can be a bit much, just well done bars or TV setups for sports watching.

  2. The Wilt vax card is funny because it’s true.

    And it reminds me…Bill Gates could just flat out say what vaccines are for and did and 90% of the population will still take them no questions asked.

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