Tennessee Man Sends Girlfriend To The Hospital After Sprinkling Meth On Her Salad

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A Tennessee man found a new way to make a salad unhealthy. No he didn’t cover the salad with a new calorie filled dressing. This guy decided to sprinkle a little meth on the otherwise healthy meal.

To add to the fun the man put it on his girlfriend’s salad and didn’t tell her until after she had eaten it. This sent the woman to the hospital and the man to jail.

Tennessee Man Meth Salad
Gomer Sanderson arrested for serving a meth salad (Image Credit: Cocke County Sheriff’s Office)

Gomer Sanderson of Newport, Tennessee was arrested and charged with domestic assault and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. A report by the Newport Police Department says that the 53-year-old had purchased the salad at a store and later admitted to putting methamphetamine in it.

According to the report, Sanderson had put the salad on plates while his girlfriend was in the bathroom. He added his special ingredient to her salad, which made it taste “real salty.”

After she ate the meth salad, Sanderson started to apologize. He told her that he had put something in the salad, but didn’t tell her what it was. When she asked if she needed to go to the emergency room, he replied, “Do I need to take you?”

Meth Salads Are Considered A Delicacy In Some Parts

The woman grabbed a few of her items from the bathroom and left Sanderson’s home. She went to a nearby store and called a friend to pick her up. The friend took her to the emergency room where she tested positive for methamphetamine.

The woman said in a statement to investigating officers that she doesn’t do drugs. According to the police, Sanderson admitted to using meth the night before and that he had added it to their salad.

Following his arrest, he was taken to the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office jail annex.

Serving up a meth salad is an interesting way of telling your girlfriend that you want to break up with her. Which I assume is the move here by Gomer.

There might be a lady or two out there who fancies a surprise meth salad, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say there aren’t too many of them.

Written by Sean Joseph

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