Watch: Tennessee Called For Using ‘Illegal Bat’, Tony Vitello Goes Off On Umpire

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In case you were wondering if the highly anticipated matchup between Tennessee and Vanderbilt needed anymore fireworks, the first inning delivered.

Tennessee’s Jordan Beck drilled a homer to right field and the Vanderbilt bench (Tim Corbin) called for a review of the bat that was used. A conversation ensued between the umpires, taking a close look at the bat, and Beck was called out for using an ‘illegal bat,’ which was already approved before the game. The approval of a bat is done before the game and each bat is given a sticker, which means approved.

The sticker turned out to be from the mid-week game and not the pre-game approval from Friday night.

It took Tennessee coach Tony Vitello just a few seconds to realize what was going on and rushed out of the dugout to the umpire holding the bat. Vitello was visually frustrated with the call and asked for the bat, politely. It was at this moment that the umpire crew did not let him look at the bat in which they called illegal.

If you thought that wasn’t enough, the second inning brought more fireworks. Luc Lipscius sent a ball to the parking lot in right field and took his job around the bases. As Lipcius was touching home-plate, he immediately asked for the bat, taunting the opposing fans and coaches.

Safe to say this series will deliver after the opening innings of the weekend. I’d keep an eye on this series.

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Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. It’s really cute how when a player hits a home run in college baseball all the players meet him at the plate like little league.

    There’s only one thing more boring than MLB and that’s college baseball.

    College baseball is reserved for those athletes that couldn’t play minor league baseball or any other sport.

  2. I was at the game, and you will inevitably see something you’ve never seen before if you watch baseball. The only thing I can compare that Beck home run overturn to is the George Brett “pine tar” homer against the Yankees. It was completely out of nowhere, and I didn’t even know there was a sticker rule for bats to begin with. For a while hardly anyone in the stadium knew what happened, and I thought maybe Beck had missed a base at first. Then Lipcius homering next inning and immediately trolling the world by examining his bat was PRICELESS.

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