Ted Cruz Goes Toe-To-Toe With Reporter Requesting He Wear A Mask During Senate Presser

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Senator Ted Cruz has had it with the over-the-top mask demands. On Wednesday, a reporter requested that he put a mask on during a Senate presser, and Cruz wasn’t about it. His response to the “would you mind putting on a mask for us” comment will resonate with a lot of people.

“Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask,” Cruz responded in a direct and blunt manner. “All of us have been immunized.”

Of course, the reporter wasn’t done trying. Cruz’s response was immediately met with the typical “it’d make us feel better” reply. Once again, Cruz wasn’t having it.

“You’re welcome to step away if you’d like,” Cruz swiftly replied.

You know those edited videos where they put sunglasses and cigarette on a person with the caption “Thug Life” after they say something epic? Yeah, we are going to need one of those made for this clip.

Cruz is in a similar headspace to a lot of Americans out there. He’s sick of all these mask demands that don’t even make sense anymore, and he’s willing to point out how ridiculous some of those demands can be.

There are a lot of people out there who are glad he didn’t back down.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. The best retort was expressed with “step away”. Politicians, keep this in your back pocket for future use, “Your concerns are noted, and you’re welcome to leave the area.”

  2. this is the Ted Cruz i like. in a short burst he was bery authentic and real. he has a tendency to comment on things as if he is Thomas Jefferson and this is the Continental Congress. he gets too atuffy and lectury (if thats a word).

    why do we have a vaccine if nobody will respect what it does. or what its suppose to do.

    • “lectury (if thats a word)”

      Many verbs/adjectives are created this way. It ends up saving time instead of having the awkward statement: “he gets too stuffy and lectures too often”. You end up writing two fewer words.

      Agreed on respecting the vaccine. You see Fauci up there wearing 2 masks after having been vaccinated and almost certainly carrying anti-bodies; virtue signaling at its best. This is when he, as an expert in virology, started the pandemic by stating we *shouldn’t* wear masks.

      I guarantee that the virtue-signalers out there will continue to wear masks indefinitely. I see idiots wearing them alone driving their car, while riding a bike, mowing their lawn, taking a shower, walking aimlessly out in the middle of the Sahar desert, having sex, alone in their mom’s basement jerking off, etc.

  3. Masks are mostly bullshit. It’s all about virtue signaling and control with these people… Not to say masks are completely ineffective as they certainly can be useful if you’re in some tight quarters but for the most part we all know it’s mostly optics.

    Anytime I see a person walking on the sidewalk alone with a mask on.. or driving alone with a mask on.. or a reporter/senator talking to a camera with a mask on I think to myself “that’s one stupid MF’er”.. The difference is the reporters/senators know what they’re doing and they play the general public for some damn fools.

      • Meh, I don’t see it as an all or nothing debate. Too many variables and data to crunch to draw absolutes. However, I would be willing to bet the high-quality masks used in hospitals do provide some measure of protection (otherwise what’s the point from a medical perspective?). There’s a difference between the masks with high tech filters and a fuggin neck gaiter. Either way if someone sneezed in your direction it’s better to have some form of a layer than nothing at all (if you are afraid of getting sick). I think there’s room for some nuance to this discussion.

        • it is NOT up for debate. Get off your ass and look at the data. covidtracking dot com. Nice pretty charts, already done for you.

          And hospital masks stop BACTERIA not viruses. Do an image search on what virologists wear: sealed latex suits in negative pressure environment. Not cloth or paper masks. Bacteria are much larger than viruses.

          Jesus, stop being so lazy.

          • I’m at work, MF’er lol… I’m not going to pull up your website of choice and do hours of research. I stopped briefly to explain to you there may be some truth to each side (what’s called a “gray area”) but you have it all figured out so what’s the point?

            And FWIW I’m on your side but you’re too hard-headed to realize it.. I understand the risk factors based on age/health. I, personally am not afraid of catching the virus and think masks are MOSTLY useless.

            Virologist wear hazmat suits but it’s virtually impossible to procure thousands for hospitals workers all over the globe, so quality masks are the next best thing. It’s like rawdogging, using a shitty condom, or a good condom in protection. There’s different levels to this shit.

  4. Let’s review some “science” moments from the past year:

    Masks don’t work
    Masks don’t protect you, they protect others
    Masks protect everyone
    CDC- social distance at 6’
    WHO- social distance at 6’. Wait, cut that in half to 3’
    Pre-election- there’s no way the vaccines can be produced rapidly and they may not be safe
    Post election- the (same) vaccines are safe!
    Post vaccine- we need two masks
    The Super Bowl is a Super spreader!

    Hey, Mr. Reporter- you are more likely just a narrative creator for your current employer. Perhaps if you have safety concerns, you should take up an occupation where you can hide in your house for the next five years.

  5. this is what it is going to take. Politely but firmly, people simply refusing to comply anymore.

    Only thing missing is what the beta male looked like who made the request. I picture a combination of pajama boy and Dan Wolken.

  6. “You’re welcome to step away if you’d like,” Cruz swiftly replied.

    It is a perfect response; it is funny and makes a great point. It is highly like that Ted Cruz has been fully vaccinated. Not only that but I can’t stand trying to listen to people with that muffled voice. It irritates me because it makes it difficult to understand them and it is nearly always virtue signaling.

    I’m sure that soy-boy reporter has encounters that are much more likely to spread the virus.

  7. Reality is objective; one of the symptoms of First World decline is a growing population who cannot distinguish between objective and manufactured realities; never before in American history have those unable to distinguish been so comparably in number to those who are able to. 

    Everything comes back to my Appian Way, existential two-fold question:

    Can our decline be reversed?

    And if not, can it be stymied, long-term?

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