Team Gisele: The Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Is In Costa Rica Training The Kids!

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Sick of stories about Gisele and the jiu-jitsu instructor? Too bad.

Team Gisele was back at it early Wednesday morning attempting to clear the air about stories linking Gisele and black belt heartthrob Joaquim Valente. THEY’RE NOT IN A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP, Team Gisele told TMZ mere hours after telling the Daily Mail the same thing.

The latest twist to this story is that, according to Team Gisele, Joaquim is in Costa Rica training the kids — and mom — in martial arts as part of their homeschooling program.

There’s also a male teacher who focuses on the daily school basics with Valente coming in to handle physical education — and presumably serving as security for the family with his ability to choke out a punk in seconds with his jiu-jitsu moves.

Again, the team swears there’s nothing romantic going on here and Gisele is simply a divorced mom who has a bunch of money and can afford to hire guys to hit the road and work for her family.

Gisele new boyfriend joaquim valente 2
Team Gisele wants the world to know Joaquim Valente is just handling physical education for her children and their homeschooling program. / Getty Images

It’s true that Valente has worked for the Gisele-Brady family for years. He has also rolled around on a jiu-jitsu mat with Tom’s ex-wife during training sessions where the supermodel threw him into choke holds as part of her training regimen.

And that’s the end of the story, according to Team Gisele. They say this is a huge nothing burger.

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