Team Gisele: She’s Not Dating Joaquim Valente, The Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Gisele isn’t dating the hot, black belt jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente, according to Team Gisele insiders.

From the sound of things, the Team Gisele insiders are furious over a Page Six report on Gisele and Valente going out to dinner in Costa Rica over the weekend looking like a couple who’s been shacking up for some time. Gisele had a half-shirt on and Valente looked like he just came from some class where he’d been teaching people martial arts.

Gisele’s insiders jumped on a call with The Daily Mail to announce that Valente has taught Gisele’s kids jiu-jitsu for years and Joaquim isn’t shacking up with mom now that she’s divorced from the NFL’s greatest all-time quarterback, Tom Brady.

Gisele is not dating Joaquim Valente her friends say
Gisele and Joaquim Valente work on their jiu-jitsu game during a February 2022 session that Tom Brady complimented. / Instagram / Getty Images

In fact, the Daily Mail reports Gisele’s Insiders® “furiously hit back” at the claims the supermodel has moved on from Tom with Joaquim, the guy she was rolling around with on a jiu-jitsu mat back in February.

The date “was anything but romantic” according to an Insider® who says this Joaquim guy is more of a close family friend. “There’s no truth to the rumors that they’re dating,” the source added.

Oh, OK, that settles it.

Or it doesn’t.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. Gisele resurfaces for the first time since the divorce goes final and she just happens to be out with her & the kids’ jiu-jitsu instructor. After dark. In Costa Rica. It’s just a family friend keeping Gisele company on a weekend night because he’s such a nice guy and doesn’t want to see his client down in the dumps?

Yeah, I’m not believing this one.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Joaquim hitting the town with a divorced woman. More power to both of them. Just don’t play me for a fool here and try to control the narrative.

And it wouldn’t be a problem at all if Joaquim spent the night with Gisele and pulled guard duty from inside her bedroom. More power to both of them.

But something is definitely fishy here, especially after so many months of Tom Brady being made to be the bad guy. Is there any chance Gisele fell into a “Bodyguard” trap and developed a relationship with the jiu-jitsu guy who was training her while Brady was mixing up TB12 shakes?

This story is just getting good. It’s time to buckle up as Team Gisele goes back on the offensive trying to control the narrative of making Tommy look like he has a football addiction while Gisele might’ve been off doing more than jiu-jitsu training.

Stay tuned.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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