Teachers Union President Says Kids Will Be Fine, Recover From School Shutdowns

Of the many problematic responses to the coronavirus pandemic, the handling of the schools ranks at or near the top.

These worries are widespread but, because of teacher unions, not unanimous. Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, dismissed most concerns regarding schools closings, claiming that the students will “recover” just fine:

Some kids, yes, but not all.

Aside from the social development lost and the memories that never will be, the educational declines from the closings could be felt for years to come. School is a process, a ladder up. Each step leads to another. If students miss a step, they may not land properly on the next.

Brookings.edu claims that students could have begun the fall school year with 70% of the learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year. It got worse for mathematics, dropping down to just 50% of typical gains.

A local news reporter, the parent of a son with Downs syndrome, was understandably outraged by Weingarten comments:

What’s worse, reports surfaced this month that suicide numbers in Clark County School District, of which Las Vegas is a part, spiked notably since the closings. The surge pushed Las Vegas schools to reopen.

A study from AAP Publications concluded the following:

“Significantly higher rates of suicide-related behaviors appear to have corresponded with times when COVID-19 stressors and community responses (e.g., stay-at-home orders and school closures) were heightened, indicating that youth experienced elevated distress during these periods.”

The rise in suicides was brought to more attention when Glenn Beck detailed the moment he found out one of his children was suicidal.

“I won’t get into the details, [but] midnight — about a month ago — my phone is ringing, and my wife picks up,” Beck told Megyn Kelly. “We’re both dead asleep, and she sits right up in bed, and it’s a teacher at midnight. And then the doorbell rings. My wife says, ‘You got to go to the door, it’s probably the police.’

“One of my children was suicidal, let’s leave it at that.”

“Do you have any concept of what not sending my teenagers to school is doing to them? They haven’t seen their friends going on a year,” Beck goes on. “They haven’t been able to socialize. They have been locked in their house and isolated.”

There are more stories of this kind. It’s tragic, it’s inexcusable, and worst of all, it’s unnecessary.

Alyssa Farah put it best, Randi Weingarten’s answer was expected. For the teacher unions, it has never been about the kids. And as a result, the schools that should’ve been opened months ago have remained closed.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. To be clear, if you’re a public school teacher, you’re under NO OBLIGATION to join the teacher’s union. Why on earth would you if you’re an American with traditional values? If conservative teachers would stop mindlessly joining and sending their dues to something that’s the antithesis of their beliefs things would change.

    • So, in Minnesota, public school teachers have two options:
      *Join the Union. They take the dues from your pay, before it gets to you.
      *Don’t join the Union. Then they take what’s called their “fair share” from your paycheck, before it gets to you. This “fair share” roughly amounts to somewhere around 75-80% of *actual* union dues. Why do they get this money, even though you’re not in the union? Because somewhere in the past the union argued that when they negotiate ALL teachers benefit, including those *not* in the Union.
      You pay the Union whether you’re in or not. Sweet deal, right?

  2. Now its very clear it ain’t all about the kids which is what they usually spout off these unions are the worst and thankfully it has become more evident in recent months private or home school if you can forget about public indoctrination camps

  3. Randi Weingarten is a nasty Hessian who is singlehandedly doing more damage to schoolkids than any serial child abuser ever dreamed of. I remember video of her doing some kind of demented jig way back when Hitlery announced her Senate run. She makes Pelosi look like [insert hot chick’s name here].

  4. There was a long article last year about a woman who volunteers in the Baltimore school system to eat lunch with the same child once a week. She wrote of the shutdown and how this boy, with a drug-addicted mother was faring. It was so heart-breaking. His mother kept stealing the phones and ipads provided to the child so that she could sell them for drugs. His mother would watch TV with him till 3 or 4 in the morning, then he’d oversleep and miss online class. Half the time, he couldn’t figure out how to find his assignments, or wasn’t notified of class changes. It was FUBAR and so terribly sad. In that one year, that boy mostly likely will become a lost cause. He lost sooo much.

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