Teacher Fired For Shooting OnlyFans Content In Her Classroom Thanks Her Subscribers After Paying Off Her Debt

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It’s been a rough few months for Samantha Peer, but that’s all behind her now and she’s finally made it to brighter days. The former middle school science teacher announced that she is now debt free. She has her former side hustle turned career as Khloe Karter to thank for that.

Peer, who was fired from her job for shooting OnlyFans content in her classroom, started the side hustle to make up for the lack of pay as a teacher. That all fell apart when students discovered her explicit content.

Samantha Peer Khloe Karter
Teacher Samantha Peer fired for shooting OnlyFans content in her classroom (Image Credit: Instagram)

Her students were said to be airdropping the content to one another at school. Making things worse for Peer was the fact that the content filmed in the classroom featured her husband. He was a fourth grade teacher at a nearby elementary school.

With both of them out of work they decided to turn their side hustle on OnlyFans into a full-time gig. There was just one problem with that plan. OnlyFans deactivated her accounts and refunded all of her subscribers.

The exclusive content platform then blocked her from making new accounts. It turns out they have a policy against filming the type of content Peer filmed in public places.

Peer, and her adult content creator side Khloe Karter, turned to a couple of OnlyFans competitors after being shutout by the biggest name in the exclusive content game. The move paid off.

Getting Caught Turned Out To Work In Khloe Karter’s Favor

This week Peer thanked the subscribers of her Fansly and Fanvue pages. She was finally able to pay off two of her big credit cards. She said in the message to her fans, “We were able to pay off two big credit cards this morning that we’ve been drowning under for almost a year.”

“I never thought this day would come,” she said. “[I’m] incredibly thankful for all my subs on Fansly and Fanvue who made this dream come true.”

There you have it. A happy ending for a couple of teachers just trying to bang their way out of debt. It gives hope to the rest of the teachers out there with an OnlyFans side hustle. If you get caught everything will eventually work itself out.

Written by Sean Joseph

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