Teacher Doing Battle With School Board Over OnlyFans

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A teaching assistant by day and an OnlyFans creator by night has been given an ultimatum by the school board she works for. Quit her extracurricular activities or be fired.

Kristin MacDonald, a Canadian teaching assistant, has decided to do battle with the school board instead of shutting down her OnlyFans account and other social media accounts that she created under the alias Ava James.

OnlyFans Teacher Ava James aka Kristin MacDonald
Teaching assistant taking on school board over content (Image Credit: Ava James/TikTok)

MacDonald’s troubles started at the end of April after she underwent back surgery. The school district that she works for in Vancouver informed her that they had received a complaint about her social media activity as Ava James.

She believes that she took all of the necessary precautions to keep her two worlds separate. Because of that, and the fact that the union is backing her, MacDonald is standing her ground.

“I do believe that I should be able to continue on,” she said. “I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not breaking the law. So I stand by where I’m at right now.”

Prior to being informed about the complaint, MacDonald revealed during an interview, that she had heard a rumor that some of her co-workers might have seen one of her TikTok videos as Ava James.

“I did hear some rumors that some co-workers came across a TikTok… by Ava,” MacDonald said. “And Ava, she likes to do her TikToks in bikinis. So, I think they had a problem with that.”

Something Tells Me This Is Just The Beginning For Ava James

So why did MacDonald create the alter online ego? As has been the case with others in the educational field who turn to OnlyFans, she did so to pay her bills.

“We don’t make a livable wage, and we’re in one of the most expensive places in Canada,” she said.

Despite the low pay she enjoys her work, “I do love my job. I love connecting with students. I think I’m good at my job.”

For now MacDonald plans to keep fighting to keep her job molding young minds. Something tells me that will change. Probably all of the headlines pushing her from a Top 2% creator into the Top 1%.

The underpaid teaching assistant taking on the big bad school board, because she has to strip down to make ends meet story is good for business. I can’t wait for the rags to riches follow-up.

Written by Sean Joseph

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  1. So a beautiful woman does something behind closed doors outside her regular job and it’s a big deal. Yet drag queens who many have pedophile tendencies and are solely there for grooming children is OK? This is how you know we live in Clown world.

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