Teacher Fired For Shaking Her Booty For TikTok In Her Classroom

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Another teacher, who doubles as a content creator, has been fired for making content in her classroom. Don’t worry, this teacher wasn’t filming any adult content after hours or anything like that. She was just shaking her booty for TikTok videos in front of her class.

That’s all. Is shaking your booty in front of your class for social media videos really a fireable offense? It was for Brazilian teacher Cibelly Ferreira, who has taught English all over the world. She was shown the door for what she suggests is a way for her to get her students interested in learning.

Fired Teacher Cibelly Ferreira
Teacher fired for making TikTok videos in her classroom (Image Credit: Cibelly Ferreira/TikTok)

Ferreira, who has 9.7 million TikTok followers and another 1.2 million on Instagram, says one of her students got the classroom dancing started. This kid knew exactly what he was doing.

“One of my students invited me to dance with him, and the class really enjoyed the interaction,” she explained. “After that, the other students began to ask questions, too, and I took advantage of the interaction and interest of the students to apply my classes with more quality, because the students are more interested and excited.”

See what I mean? This student clearly found out that his teacher was a big time content creator. He knew if he invited her to dance that she wouldn’t be able to refuse. He was right.

That’s when class changed forever for her students. Ferreira was quick to link her shaking her booty for her students to reaching her students.

The Influencer Teacher Usually Ends Up Getting Fired

She said, “I know how difficult it is for younger students to focus their attention on teaching versus social networks and technology.”

“I can take advantage of their interest and bring them closer to teaching.”

Some of the videos Ferreira shared while she was shaping the minds of the youth went viral and she was eventually given a pink slip.

Here’s some of the TikTok videos which have millions of views.

If there was any doubt about whether this kind of content is educational or not, let Ferreira’s bio clarify that. She’s a “Teacher, Influencer, Singer and Businesswoman.”

You’ll notice she listed teacher first. Obviously with a social media following as large as hers is she doesn’t need to be in the classroom teaching.

That’s something Ferreira admitted while addressing the fact that she’s also on OnlyFans. She said, “As an adult woman, who needed extra income, I looked for other forms of monetization.”

“My mother, for example, knows this and accepts it very well. Even every woman should feel free and fulfilled with her body.”

Imagine walking into a classroom and finding out that your teacher has millions of followers on social media. That’s just scratching the surface on this content creating teacher.

She has millions of followers, is on OnlyFans, and has zero issues with shaking her booty in front of the classroom. What a time to be alive.

Written by Sean Joseph

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