Taylor Lorenz Hit Piece Pushes ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ Close to 1 Million Followers

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Washington Post “journalist” Taylor Lorenz set out to destroy the woman behind the Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account by disclosing her identity in a hit piece this week. Hilariously, Lorenz failed. Rather than bringing down the account, Lorenz accidentally helped grow the brand.

Since Lorenz’s report, more than 300,000 users have begun following Libs of Tik Tok. The account is now approaching 1 million followers (937.3K at the time of publication), thanks to Lorenz’s efforts.

Twitter users have rallied around Libs of Tik Tok while turning on Lorenz. It’s one of the few online developments worth chuckling over.

Lorenz claims she tried to “expose” the LOTT creator. But instead, she exposed herself. It turns out, she is a hypocrite, stalker, liar and complete loser.

Libs of Tik Tok shares videos of angry liberals owning themselves. And in an attempt to stop that, angry liberal Taylor Lorenz owned herself. The irony is rich.

This is a real person and she’s disgusting:


Supporters of Libs of Tik Tok have used Lorenz’s own past posts so effectively back at her that the internet Wayback Machine scrubbed her deleted tweets from the archive to stop the mocking.

Why does the site have her back? I say Lorenz threatened to dox and harass the creator of the Wayback Machine if he or she wouldn’t erase her page.

Libs of Tik Tok is still winning. The nasty woman known as Taylor Lorenz is not.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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