Lions OL Taylor Decker Gets In Wild Twitter Feud With FedEx Over Lost Baby Formula

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Taylor Decker seems like the kind of guy you don’t want to make angry.

At 6-foot-7, 315 pounds the former Lions’ first-round draft pick literally makes a living mauling opposing defenders.

Clearly, FedEx didn’t know who they were messing with.

On Thursday night, Decker took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the popular shipping company for apparently losing a perishable 24-hour one-month shipment of milk for his newborn baby.

“Shoutout @FedEx for losing a perishable 24 hour shipment of a month supply of milk for my newborn, and responding that there is nothing they can do, and will not reimburse me,” Decker tweeted.

“What a joke.”

A representative from FedEx eventually responded to the massive new dad, but that only insulted Decker even more.

One person following the drama suggested Decker check out his local grocery store to replace the lost formula, as if he hadn’t thought of that solution if it was possible.

“Well unfortunately it was my wife’s breast milk that she had pumped and frozen so we could transport it for the off season,” Decker replied. “So sadly it can’t be replaced, which is why I’m pissed.”

Then of course a troll had to join the party, but Decker called it out immediately.

These kinds of mistakes unfortunately take place from time to time, even though FedEx has a fairly solid reputation in the industry. Taylor Decker’s frustration seems warranted though, especially if the initial response told him there was nothing they could do. It took a public shaming to garner a response.

One thing is for certain now. UPS just gained a valuable new customer, as it’s now abundantly clear Decker is done with FedEx.

Written by Sean Labar

Lifelong die-hard DC fan (all four teams). College football and the NFL are my biggest passions but I love writing & discussing all sports. Live in Virginia with my two rescue pups Wally & Reagan. Follow me on Twitter @SeanLabarPR

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