TAMU Forced Out Of Gator Bowl Thanks To Ridiculous Covid Rule

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Texas A&M is unable to play in the upcoming Gator Bowl against Wake Forest on Dec. 31 due to a COVID outbreak.

Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reports that the Aggies do not have enough players to play in the game. Gator is now searching for a replacement bowl team but would need another bowl game impacted by COVID to successfully find a replacement team.

If a bowl is not played, teams do not receive the payout. Nick Carparelli told SI that there are no possibilities of a replacement like last season. The Gator Bowl payout is $5.35M.

247Sports reports the following:

A&M reportedly has a high vaccination rate and vaccinated players normally don’t have to be tested unless they are symptomatic or it’s deemed necessary based on a risk assessment of a documented close contact with COVID-19. However, if there are sustained increased transmissions on a team (defined as concurrent positive cases of five percent or more of a team comprised of 50 or more individuals), then “decisions about continued team activity should be made at the local level and with consideration given to ongoing risk of team transmission or transmission to another team during competition”.

As Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley puts it, COVID is not keeping players out of games. The COVID rules are.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I thought I had average intelligence, but seeing the stupidity in how COVID is being handled in sports and beyond, I feel like a fucking genius. If you are sick, stay home until you feel better. If you feel good, then play the fucking game! That should work, no?

    • You are spot on. We live on Planet Stupid now, and the leftists, the cowards, and the Karens are making most of the rule. Common sense and critical thinking is in low supply these days. For 99% of people this virus at worst causes a flu. Huge numbers don’t even get sick.

  2. I am no math expert, so correct me if I’m wrong….

    Five percent of a team of fifty (or more, so at least fifty) is 2.5 individuals.

    So, rounding up even… 3 people “testing” positive, out of 50 (or more!) on a team, canceled a bowl game.

    What a joke.

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