Tampa Bay Rays Looking At Possible Move To Nashville

Seen as MLB’s favorite city without a team, Nashville’s prospects of picking up a franchise, specifically the Tampa Bay Rays, continues to see development with news and mutual interest going in their favor.

Development in a potential move to Nashville comes as sign of positivity for the fanbase, whose overall consensus on the Rays’ plans for a Sister City season in Montreal continues to garner a mixed response. The Rays continue to look for a long-term answer to stay in Florida, asking for a new stadium to be built in Tampa.

“We are solely focused on the Sister City plan and keeping the Rays in Tampa Bay for generations,” said Rays’ president Brian Auld.


According to the Tampa Bay Times report, Brian Auld refuted a statement made to Nashville council member Charlie Miranda regarding an MLB franchise’s potential move to Nashville that he said “might be in the cards.”

“They mentioned Nashville. They said Nashville wants to do it,” commented Miranda.

Initial location planning for a new MLB stadium have placed it in close proximity to Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans.

Former California real estate developer John Loar, along with Music City Baseball, has advocated for an MLB team to join Nashville after he moved to the city in 2018.

“Major League Baseball has always said there’s going to be no conversation about expansion until Oakland and Tampa get resolved,” said Loar.

Loar also led two failed efforts to buy the Florida Marlins and Los Angeles Dodgers. He added, “I think this is one step in that direction. It potentially opens the door for relocation here in this market and I also think it’s one step closer in the conversation of expansion.”

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I don’t understand how Tampa has kept the Rays for almost 255 years with the lackluster support they’ve garnered…it’s as if it’s been done with smoke and mirrors. That said, they’re not moving to a city with a AAA team….unless they do a team flip. Canada’s garbage Covid restrictions should eliminate any Canadian team from getting any other major sports franchise, IMO.

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