Taliban Close To Seizing Afghan Capital Of Kabul, Contrary To Biden’s Response

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Despite President Biden’s statement on July 8 that intervention from the Taliban would not reach Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul in an attempted siege, tensions have escalated and the terrorist armed forces are beginning to close in on Kabul, as of reports released Friday night.

Reporting from Politico indicates that in the last 24 hours, the Taliban forces overtook Mazar-e-Sharif, “the country’s fourth largest city,” after ramped up efforts en route to the capital.

The siege of Mazar-e-Sharif became a major development in the Taliban’s timeline. Claiming the city “hands the insurgents control over all of northern Afghanistan, confining the Western-backed government to the center and east.”

According to Fox News’ live updates, “Afghanistan’s embattled President Ashraf Ghani [on Saturday] said he has started consultations on how to unite the country after the Taliban have seized large parts of the country ahead of the U.S. withdrawal.”

The United States issued an order to urgently evacuate U.S. staff from the Embassy, located in Kabul, following news of the incoming Taliban groups. The Pentagon has sent military aid to assist with the staff’s evacuation.

Saturday’s footage from Karzai International Airport in Kabul showed panicked crowds trying to board flights out of the capital city.

Further updates detail that U.S. leadership “told the Taliban that if it avoids a direct confrontation with the US troops arriving in Kabul and waits for the completion of the evacuation, that increases the likelihood that both the intl. community/Afghans will accept Taliban’s entry into Kabul.”

On Friday, Clay Travis spoke on OutKick The Show regarding the ongoing tensions in Afghanistan — a flare up of international affairs following weak direction from President Biden.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. This gives China the green light to invade Taiwan after the 22 Olympics. At the same time they will occupy and claim any disputed islands in the South China Sea from Vietnam and the Philippines. After that, Japan? India?

    • China cares as much about the 22 Olympics as the Taliban cares about public relations. The Game is on. China will move hard and soon. Ol’ Gropey will cower in the basement. What really scares me, is when China threatens to go public with all the dirt they have on Biden, he will panic and unleash a nuclear hell. What do cowards do when cornered, they lash out without a thought as to the consequences. America Matters.

  2. Bravo, Joe. Bravo. 👏 *slow clap* The best part is how we meekly ask them to allow an orderly evacuation cuz we’ll accept them into Kabul. Spoiler alert- they’re coming one way or the other. What a waste.

  3. Twenty years and trillions of dollars in blood and treasure for what? The Afghan people deserve the Taliban, authoritarianism, oppression, and poverty. They had plenty of opportunity to chart a new path with the aid of the west. Now after twenty years it’s all unraveling in a matter of months. Things are going to go back to pre 2001 pretty quickly. As the saying goes: ‘you can’t want it for them.’

  4. The Biden Shit Show is in free fall. There is no bottom to this disastrous Shit Show!
    Biden is sedated, the VP is AWOL and the dwarves are fiddling with the dials and gauges as the ship of state roars toward the rocky shoals. It don’t look good. All the Communist Democrat morons say is, “It didn’t work out the way we thought it would”. No shit Sherlock! What a frigging mess!

    • The British Embassy is surrounded. We don’t even know if we have enough fuel to supply the evacuation planes. The Taliban demands we stop the airstrikes or the will begin murdering all non Taliban. The Biden Shit Show is bottomless. We are in free fall as a nation. No leadership, no courage, no heart, no brain. America Matters.

  5. No outside nation has every conquered Afghanistan. Be it landscape or mentality it just doesn’t stick. Insular and well guarded land. No surprise here. We just had our second Vietnam. Your turn Russia, China, where do you want to quagmire for 15-20 years next?

    • China will take Taiwan soon. No computer chips for America’s economy. It is gonna get very bad, very fast. The Biden Shit Show is balls to the wall in Destroy America mode. America Matters.

    • We conquered Afghanistan. The problem is Bush/Cheney and NATO had this great idea to “nation build” and that’s where it fell apart.

      The armed forces aren’t FEMA, nor are they social workers. That coupled with the fact that your dealing with an authoritarian society stuck in the Middle Ages. It was never going to work.

  6. No one should be more upset about what is transpiring than the fetishized (esp blonde) women of European nations who will bear the brunt and misery of the Afghan male refugees about to be relocated. Turkey is having a miserable time with Syrian refugees as we speak.

    And yet we are told that diVeRsItY iS a StrEnGtH

    Progressivism = utopian blueprint with dystopian results.

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