Tailgating Not Allowed In SoFi Stadium Parking Lots Ahead Of CFP National Championship Game

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In case you were looking for yet another reason to question anything and everything taking place in the state of California, fans attending Monday night’s CFP National Championship Game won’t be allowed to tailgate on-site.

At least, that’s what the College Football Playoff’s official website states.

“Tailgating will not be allowed in any SoFi Stadium parking lot,” the parking section of the website reads.

To SoFi Stadium’s credit, this no-tailgating policy seems to have been created by the College Football Playoff.


The stadium, which the Los Angeles Rams and Charges call home, does allow tailgating for “select events.” According to Sofi Stadium’s official website, tailgating is “allowed in designating parking lots and other areas for ticketed guests who have purchased a tailgating pass.”

Having to buy a pass to tailgate in a certain area is ridiculous, but that’s certainly better than not being able to tailgate on-site ahead of college football’s biggest game of the year.

Tailgating will not be allowed ahead of the College Football National Championship game at SoFi Stadium. (Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

SoFi Stadium also specifically noted that “tailgating in electric vehicle marked parking stalls is not permitted,” which is hilarious because we all know there have to be dozens of open electric vehicle spots surrounding the stadium.

The funniest part about the entire situation is anyone associated with the College Football Playoff or the stadium thinking they’re going to be able to stop people from tailgating.

People will be partying and drinking in the parking lots for hours before kickoff, as they should be.

College Football Fans React To No Tailgating At SoFi Stadium

Written by Mark Harris

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