Tailgating at Hard Rock Stadium For Dolphins-Patriots Gets Lit. Like, On Fire.

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Things got a little wild in the Hard Rock Stadium parking lot ahead of the Dolphins-Patriots game this Sunday.

When kids say something is “lit” that means it’s good.

While the tailgating scene at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday afternoon before the Patriots-Dolphins game may have been lit in that sense, it was also lit in the traditional, dictionary sense.

Things were on fire. Like, in flames.


That’s an unbelievable amount of damage. That looks like a photo from a warzone, not the parking lot of an NFL game

The fire broke out before the game. Smoke could be seen from inside the stadium just ahead of kickoff

Dolphin fans, let this be a lesson that fire is nothing to mess with when it comes to tailgating.

Can’t believe we have to have this discussion several years after this video, but here we are.

Yeah, maybe it’s best to refrain from mixing fire and tailgates Dolphins fans.

Your track record isn’t fantastic.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. While some accounts mention that the fire was started by an unattended grill, there hasn’t been official word on what caused the pre-game blaze in the Hard Rock Stadium parking lot.

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  1. Ha ha this reminds me of my younger days when we were tailgating at a Mets game and the hibachi was too hot to place in my trunk when we went into the stadium. So I placed it beneath someone else’s car! Yeah… I was stupid and lucky the same thing didn’t happen.

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