Taco Bell Customer’s ‘$300 Worth Of Tacos’ Order Holds Up Drive-Thru

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A recent late night trip to Taco Bell cost a customer almost $300 and backed up the drive-thru for at least 40 minutes. An upset customer behind the massive order documented it all for social media.

TikToker @emily._.stott posted a video of the $241.29 Taco Bell order which was placed around 11:30 p.m. She also showed a line of customers in the drive-thru behind her.

Her video shows the last few items on the order with the caption, “This is the order of the person who was in front of me at Taco Bell. The Taco Bell drive-thru was stacked and I had to tell ’em why the line was being held up.”

The TikToker gets out of her car to let the people behind her know what caused the holdup. She exaggerates a little bit. But the fact that an extremely large order had taken place gets across in her message.

How much Taco Bell is too much Taco Bell?

In the comment section she says it took 40 minutes for her to finally get her food. Her comment reads, “40 mins I was in line and after I yelled the person who ordered all that s*** looked embarrassed AF and used her hand to cover her face. 40 MIN.”

To be fair to the person who placed the order, they didn’t buy just tacos. From what we can see in video they mixed things up quite a bit.

It would be absolutely crazy to spend $300 or $240, in this case, on just tacos. It’s hard enough to spend that much money at Taco Bell.

I don’t blame anyone behind this person for being upset with this massive order. You have to call that one in ahead of time. But sitting there waiting for your own food for 40 minutes is crazier to me than the actual order.

On another note, I hope the person who placed the order was fully prepared for the aftermath of that much Taco Bell.

Written by Sean Joseph

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