Syracuse Football Beat An FCS Team So Badly That The Game Was Cut Short By 10 Minutes

Syracuse football is 5-0, and people are not talking enough about the Orange.

Syracuse Football Wagner 10 Minute Quarters
Syracuse football is COOKING! (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

Through the first five weeks of the 2022 season, Dino Babers’ team is on a roll. They opened the year by blowing out Louisville, stomped UConn, held off a dangerous Purdue team, and hung on against Virginia.

On Saturday, Syracuse had a field day against Wagner. The Seahawks, who has not shown any potential to compete on the FCS level, got mollywhopped against their FBS opponent.

Things got so ugly that the game was literally cut short by 10 full minutes. Only 50 minutes of football was played instead of the usual 60.

The Orange scored three touchdowns in the first quarter and four in the second. They had their way with the FCS defense.

And with a 49-0 lead at halftime, the game was over before the third quarter even began.

Syracuse was essentially on pace to beat Wagner by 100.

As a result, both sides agreed to speed up the process and play 10-minute quarters in the second half. Everybody knew what was going to happen, so what was the point of delaying the inevitable.

Now, this is not the first time that this has happened. It is not even that uncommon. FCS opponents that are getting beat as badly as the Seahawks on Saturday often agree to speed things up in the second half of ‘buy games’ against FBS opponents.

With that being said, it’s never any less funny. Wagner waved the white flag.

It was like when your opponent rage quits during a video game.

Wagner has disconnected.

Syracuse went to the bench for the second half and got a lot of young guys, walk-ons and bench-warmers their reps for the year. The Orange scored just 10 points in the final 20 minutes, but did not allow the Seahawks to find the end zone and won 59-0.

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