Suspected Brooklyn Subway Shooter Arrested While Walking Around The East Village In NYC

Suspected Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James was taken into police custody Wednesday afternoon in the East Village where he was apparently just walking around, according to police and eyewitnesses who recorded police taking James into custody.

James, 62, is the main suspect in a two-minute shooting on a Brooklyn subway train that left nearly two dozen people injured, including five critically.

Posing as a construction worker, police say James unloaded 33 rounds on the Manhattan-bound N train in Sunset Park early Tuesday morning. By Wednesday, police say they received a Crime Stoppers tip from someone saying they spotted James at a McDonald’s on East 6th Street and First Avenue in the East Village.

Cops eventually caught James at St. Mark’s Place and First Avenue.

On Frank James’ YouTube channel under the username prophetoftruth88, the suspected gunman railed on a variety of topics ranging from calling Puerto Ricans “turds in toilets” to “being moved in a direction where I don’t give a f–k about nobody and nobody’s life.”

Police say the big break in the case came when they located a U-Haul key that James left at the scene that was tracked to a rental he had made out of Philadelphia.

“I’ve seen a side of human beings, they need to die,” James said on one of his YouTube videos. “They need to suffer and drop f–kin dead.”

Another really bad guy is off the streets thanks to the good guys. Job well done.

Brooklyn Subway shooter YouTube videos
Accused Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James operated a YouTube channel under the name prophetoftruth88 / via NYPD/YouTube

Written by Joe Kinsey

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