Activists Vow to Continue Protesting at Justices’ Homes, Despite Attempt to Kill Kavanaugh

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Despite an attempt to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, activists vow to continue protesting outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices.

On Wednesday, the far-left group known as Ruth Sent Us encouraged angry pro-choicers to continue their protests.

Ruth Sent Us  is recruiting protesters to join them outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home next:

They hope to “move the needle.”

Moreover, activist groups will continue to publicize the justices’ addresses, the exact practice that led to the endangerment of Kavanaugh.

“Reported assassination attempt today on Justice Kavanaugh is a direct result of the Supreme Court leaker and Democratic politicians who refuse to condemn, and some who even join in, the radical rhetoric used by pro-abortion activists, says Heritage Action executive director Jessica Anderson.


Yet here is a promotion card to gather outside Barrett’s home.


In addition to the common-sense fact that someone ought to step in and stop these organizers, the protests are also illegal.

18 U.S.CSection 1507 states that it’s a federal crime to protest near the residence of a judge or jury with the intent to influence their decisions in pending cases.

Obviously, officials have decided not to enforce this law. And if an assassination attempt doesn’t convince them to stop these loons, what will?


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    • At this point, I think that is exactly what the Biden administration wants. There can be no other explanation. This is the equivalent of driving your car to a bad part of town, rolling down the windows, and leaving your keys inside, all while shouting that you don’t want your car to get stolen.

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