Woman Says She Used Sugar Daddies To Pay Her Way Through College & Much More

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If you’re going to take Palmar Kelly out on a date it’s going to cost you. The 27-year-old sex worker and screenwriter gets paid to go on dates.

The “sugar baby,” as she refers to herself, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars, traveled all over the world, and even had her college paid for after going on dates with sugar daddies.

Palmar got started as a sugar baby back in college. She was stripping at the time while studying acting at a dramatic arts school in New York City.

She was making anywhere from $700 to $1,000 a night, but was looking to earn even more money. One thing led to another and she was eventually introduced to the world of sugar daddies.

The move to become a sugar baby comes highly recommended by Palmar, who compares it to acting. She said, “I used the money for auditions or to pay for headshots. I then started to do more sugar baby stuff.”

She continued, “I felt I could do that. I thought ‘I’m an actor – I could pretend to be someone’s girlfriend.'”

Palmar charged her clients, who were usually between the ages of 37 and 45, around $300 dollars a date when she first started. The money went for her headshots and auditions.

She quickly learned that she could charge much more than a few hundred dollars for a date and eventually earned enough to pay her way through college. Nowadays, a date with her in New York City will run at least $1,000.

With Palmar’s increase in prices she started going on trips with her sugar daddies and she made over $200,000 in one year while in New York.

In 2021 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her screenwriting career. While there she discovered that the sugar baby scene wasn’t as lucrative as it is on the East Coast.

Sugar Baby Palmar Kelly Returned To The East Coast And Picked Up Where She Left Off

So she moved back to her home state of Florida and is now living in Cocoa Beach. Palmar has returned to her roots as a stripper and sugar baby and is fresh off of a six-day cruise to the Bahamas.

She says a 57-year-old man paid her $4,000 to accompany him on the trip. She said, “He’s amazing. He’s a super nice and respectful man. We had a balcony suite. We gambled a lot. It was a fun little trip.”

“I’m so grateful this person paid for it. Everyone else paid for a cruise. I’m getting paid to be on the cruise. It’s a good job.”

As with any job there are some negatives. Over the summer a trip to Italy with a married couple was cut short because the two couldn’t stop fighting.

Despite the occasional trip gone bad, she has a lot of fun as a “sugar baby.” Not to mention that she estimates that the adventures have netted her $500,000 to go along with her college education.

Not to bad for someone pretending to be an old guy’s boyfriend. For those worried about the college education, don’t be.

Not only is she putting her acting skills to good use by playing the role of a girlfriend, she’s writing a TV show about her life as a sex worker too. Now that’s a script I’d love to read.

Written by Sean Joseph


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