This Weekend Is Huge For TV Fans With ‘Succession’ And ‘Yellowjackets’ Returning

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This weekend is Christmas come early for TV fans because “Succession” and “Yellowjackets” both return Sunday.

As we’ve said before here at OutKick, it really does feel like at times we’re living in the golden era of TV. Whether it’s “Yellowstone,” “Your Honor,” “Jack Ryan,” “House of the Dragon” or a handful of other shows, there are plenty of major hits to enjoy.

Succession” and “Yellowjackets” are both right near the top of the list. Both will be back on our TVs as of Sunday night.

“Succession” season four starts Sunday. (Credit: HBO)

“Succession” returns for its fourth and final season.

Hype for the final season of “Succession” is off the charts. The first three seasons were incredible, and there’s no doubt we’re going to finish with a bang.

Season three ended with a failed coup and Logan Roy reminding his children why he’s the undisputed king.

It’s drama mixed with dark comedy in its purest form.

“Succession” returns for its fourth and final season this Sunday. (Credit: HBO)

To say people are excited for “Succession” to be back on TV is one hell of an understatement. While I don’t think it’s the best show ever, it’s definitely in the top five currently on TV. There’s no question about that.

There’s literally no action, but it’s every bit as suspenseful and adrenaline-filled as any great thriller. The power struggle of the Roy family is content gold.

Now, we’ll get a conclusion starting this Sunday.

“Yellowjackets” returns for a second season after an incredible first.

“Yellowjackets” wasn’t ever supposed to be a massive hit. Showtime probably had high hopes, but I think it’s fair to say the series exceeded all expectations.

The show about a high school soccer team crashing in the Canadian wilderness captivated entertainment fans. It was “Lost” combined with “Lord of the Flies” slapped with a hard R-rating.

“Yellowjackets” returns Sunday on Showtime. (Credit: Showtime)

“Yellowjackets” is one of the darkest shows in recent memory, but that’s not a bad thing. That’s why people love it. It grabs you by the throat, drags you down deep into a dark hole and takes you on a journey you definitely weren’t ready for.

To call parts of the show messed up doesn’t do it nearly enough justice. If you loved “Lost,” you can’t miss “Yellowjackets.”

Season one might have been a surprise hit, but there’s no excuse at this point for not being caught up.

You can catch “Succession” and “Yellowjackets” Sunday night at 9:00 EST on HBO and Showtime, respectively. Get your popcorn and a couple cold beers ready. We’re in for an awesome night of TV.

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