Succession Odds/Predictions: Waystar CEO, Who Dies, Number Of F-Offs

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The fourth and final season of Succession debuts Sunday.

For Game of Thrones, fans debated, theorized about who would sit on the Iron Throne come series’ end. Here, the discussion is who will end the show as Waystar Royco’s CEO, the thesis of the series.

The folks at USBets released odds on just that ahead of the season premiere.

The odds say:

The next CEO of Waystar Royco?

1. Lukas Mattson +125: “The favorite, as the GoJo founder played by Alexander Skarsgard is currently finishing up a deal with Logan Roy to buy the company. Could be a red herring, but he has to start with the shortest odds”

2. Logan Roy +175: “Wouldn’t it just be fitting if Logan manages to hold everyone off and we fade to black with the old lion still in charge?”

3. Tom Wambsgans +250: “Oh, Tommy. Tommy Tommy Tommy. How the worm turns. Could easily slide in as Logan’s replacement or as Mattson’s whipping boy”

4. Kendall Roy +500: “Can the boy wonder complete what he started, somehow? Fits the Shakespearean motif — especially if he has to slay Logan — and a final shot of a happy Kendall giving way to a very nervous Kendall would be swell. But we’re starting to get into longshot territory”

5. Cousin Greg +600: “If, in the end, Jesse Armstrong and company decide this was more of a comedy than a drama, then who else could it be but Cousin Greg?”

6. Roman Roy +800: “He just doesn’t seem to have the chops for the top job, but that might be the point.”

7. Shiv Roy +1000: “Daddy’s little girl. Ruthless enough, clearly. But a tough sell all around.”

8. Unnamed possible love child between Logan and Kerry +1200: “Are they going to have a baby? Connor thinks so. And what if Logan dies and leaves the company in care of his unborn fifth child, with Gerri or someone as a caretaker? Twist of the knife”

9. Gerri Kellman +2000: “If the company stays in the family, no way she’s tapped. If Mattson takes it, no way she’s tapped. Have a hard time seeing this.”

10. Stewy Hosseini and company +3000: “Too anticlimactic.”

11. Frank and Karl +5000: “Too much comedy here.”

12. Nan Pierce and family +10000: “Yeah, not happening.”

13. The field +800: 

HBO Succession.

Perhaps I’m a bit old school in my thinking. I believe stories end where they begin.

Succession began with the planned-but-not-executed accession of Kendall Roy. Therefore, that’s where this shall end.

Kendall’s journey, struggle, downfall, and eventual victory seem to be the tale Jesse Armstrong is telling.

Logan holding on could also be fitting. But …

Who’s going on Succession?

1. Logan Roy -125: “He’s old, he has health problems, and it would set off an insane, Cannonball Run-esque race to the finish line to see who gets the company.”

2. Kendall Roy +120: “They teased his death last season in the pool, they’ve teased him leaning over the edges of tall buildings, they’ve shown him having a breakdown or two. The guy is not right.”

3. The field +150:

A great show much end with a signature death. Those are the rules. And elderly central characters have never fared well in drama series.

Logan is going to die.

New "Succession" season four trailer released. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video
New “Succession” trailer released. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Here are some other predictions for the final season:

Will Connor Roy be elected president? No -2500.

Don’t see it. Connor is best at his ranch, not contributing to the family’s reputation.

Will Shiv and Tom get divorced? No -600.

Would seem too obvious following the cliffhanger in Season 3. Plus, we know Tom can’t do better. Meaning, he’s been lucky before.

Will Roman and Gerri do it? Yes +400.

Decent odds for an HBO show, no?

Over/under of 28.5 on number of times someone says, “F*** off”:

According to USBets, “There’s science behind this, as a Redditor claims there have been 82 instances of it over the series’ 29 episodes thus far. Simple math here for the 10 that remain, folks.”

Still, smash the Over.

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