Stripper Outs Cheating Bride-To-Be After She Fooled Around With Another Man In The Strip Club During Her Bachelorette Party

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It’s all fun and games during your bachelorette party until you don’t tip at the strip club. This party foul, like most party fouls, does not go unpunished.

A bride-to-be running around Nashville at the end of August was schooled on this by a stripper named Marina. She was taking notes the entire night and after her club was stiffed by the bride-to-be, the stripper spilled the details about her behavior in the club.

In a video posted on TikTok after the encounter with the bachelorette party, Marina described the bride-to-be in great detail. She then detailed how the bachelorette was cheating on her fiancé.

“If your fiancée is having her bachelorette party in Nashville on the week of August 31 and has braces, hair about this length, with blonde highlights, a cowboy hat with a veil on it, she is cheating on you,” Marina revealed.

Following her description of the woman, the professional dancer gave the details of how she was fooling around with the other guy. She then got to the root of the problem and why she was outing this particular bride-to-be.

“She also doesn’t tip, so you got yourself a winner,” she continued. “Oh yeah and she was trying to record girls on stage.”

You can’t do either of those things and think that you’re going to get away with hooking up with a guy in front of the dancers. Not in the social media age.

Marina Is Sending A Message To All Of The Cheating Bachelorettes Out There

You better tip, and you better tip big. Otherwise you might just have one of the strippers out you in a video that currently has more than 2 million views.

Trying to explain this all to your new husband isn’t exactly how you want to start a marriage. Marina has a good idea how this marriage is going to end, even if the husband never sees this video.

She ended the video by saying “Good luck with your divorce. I hope you have a good prenup.”


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Ladies, you might want to keep this in the back of your mind when you head out to Nashville for a bachelorette party. The strippers are watching and they will out you in viral videos if you think you can leave without tipping.

Written by Sean Joseph

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