‘Stranger Things’ Producer Floats Unbelievably Stupid Idea For The Series

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Is “Stranger Things” going to get a “Deadpool” crossover?

Ever since “Stranger Things” premiered on Netflix, it’s been one of the best series on television, and season four rocked the entertainment world after a three year break.

A smart person would assume that nobody would be dumb enough to ruin such a perfect series. Well, prepare for things to get a bit crazy.

At the Emmy Awards, executive producer Shawn Levy, who will direct the third “Deadpool” film, floated a possible crossover with the Ryan Reynolds franchise.

“Ryan I were trying to figure out how in the world we can do a ‘Stranger Things’/’Deadpool’ crossover, and we haven’t cracked it yet,” Levy explained.

Is the ‘Stranger Things’ producer joking?

It’s hard to believe this is a real suggestion from Levy. He has to be kidding, right? If he’s not, “Stranger Things” fans are going to revolt.

How many great projects, series and films get absolutely destroyed because Hollywood just can’t leave it alone.

The best example ever is “Red Dawn.” The 1984 original is maybe the greatest movie ever made. Then, idiots in Hollywood decided to remake it, and it was an unmitigated disaster.

Don’t do crossovers and don’t do remakes. Clearly, the latter doesn’t apply here, but it just goes to show a trend.

I’m very inclined to believe Levy is joking. There’s just one more season of “Stranger Things” left. That means there’s no time for a crossover.

Will “Stranger Things” get a “Deadpool” crossover?

If he is joking, it’s not funny. Don’t scare the loyal viewers. Just give fans an epic season five so we can ride off into the sunset.

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