Monopoly Game Leaks ‘Stranger Things 4’ Plot Points

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Warning: spoilers for the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things are now on the internet and spreading quickly.

While OutKick will not reveal the spoilers, we will tell you how the leak happened.

After fending off the script hackers, a nasty group that obtained episode-by-episode scripts for Game of Thrones in 2019, Stranger Things was ambushed by Mr. Monopoly.

Last week, images of Stranger Things 4-themed Monopoly cards themed leaked online, spoiling key plot points of the season.

The Reddit thread publicizing the spoilers claims that a customer bought the game at “a nationally recognized retailer and purchased fair and square by a consumer. Nobody stole it; nobody leaked a sample.”

A source told the Hollywood Reporter that someone behind the scenes had mistakenly permitted the game’s release before the season’s debut.

“One [person] close to the streamer’s tentpole series said that while its producers have a lot of involvement in, and approvals over, the vast majority of the show’s promotions and consumer products, the sheer scale and breadth of the Stranger Things franchising world is so incomparable to any other show at Netflix that the Monopoly game must have accidentally passed Go,” the Reporter writes.

Worse yet, Netflix did not consult show creators Matt and Ross Duffer about the Monopoly package. As a result, the Duffer brothers are having — to use the wording from the report — a “total meltdown.”

Spoilers are particularly bothersome for a show so reliant on theories and predictions as Stranger Things is. And even if fans stay off of Reddit and YouTube to avoid spoilers, it takes just one loathsome Twitter user to post the leaked images below a high-engagement tweet to ruin the suspense for the others.

Still, Stranger Things 4 will be one of the most viewed shows of the year. Stranger Things is the successor to Game of Thrones in terms of public interest and discourse.

This season aims to break Bridgerton’s record as the most-watched English-language Netflix series over a seven-day period. I predict it will.

Netflix will air Stranger Things 4 in two parts. The first seven episodes go live on May 27, while the final two episodes debut on July 1.

Posting spoilers for a show should be criminal.

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