Steve Kerr Wants NBA To Play Fewer Games

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Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wants the NBA to reduce the number of games played. No, Kerr hasn’t tired of seeing the Lakers play practically every Tuesday night on TNT (though we have). Golden State’s head honcho instead thinks that playing less really means that NBA stars will play more.

Confused? You’re not alone.

In addition to treating their pregame walk into the arena like a poorly-attended fashion show, NBA players have recently decided to sit certain games out for “load management.”

Hangnail? You’re not playing tonight. Hangover? Take a seat. Tummyache? Leave that uniform on the hanger.

While the unnecessary rest allows stars to save their energies for some other day, it ultimately hurts fans. There’s no full or partial refund for Lakers tickets when, say, LeBron James rides the bench. Watching Austin Reaves and other backups eliminate their team from the playoffs costs the same price.

By the way, NBA teams have been playing an 82 game schedule since 1967, so it’s load management that’s new, not the grind.

Kerr’s load management solution? Shorten the schedule so players don’t need as much rest.

“To me what makes the most sense is cutting back to maybe a 72 game schedule,” Kerr said via Mark Haynes.

As Kerr sees it, NBA players — and stars in particular — will sit out fewer games if they’re not playing games as often.

“Take 10 games off and get more time to rest in between games,” stated Kerr. “I think you’ll get teams to play their guys more often.”

He’s got a point. Even though they fly in private jets, rarely play on back-to-back nights, nap in five-star hotels and munch on catered cuisine, these millionaires could still use a little more R&R!

At the risk of sounding like a “get off my lawn” guy, I’ll leave you with some numbers about Michael Jordan, Kerr’s famous former teammate. Do with them as you will.

Just imagine what he could’ve done with a little load management.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I’ve been proactively implementing load management of my intake of NBA games and reduced the number of games on my personal NBA schedule for years now. I was way ahead of the curve.

    The last time I cared about the NBA was the last great Golden State team that won 73 before choking in the Finals. They lost me when they got Durant.

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