Stetson Bennett Packs Lip For Pro Day, Throws Darts To Younger Brother With Falcons Coach In Attendance

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At 25 years old, Stetson Bennett is older than quite a few quarterbacks that are currently in the NFL. He is hoping to join them in 2023 and it starts with the NFL Draft in April.

Before Bennett and his Georgia teammates reach that point, they must partake in the pre-draft process. It started with the NFL Combine last month and continued with the Pro Day in Athens on Wednesday.

Although a Pro Day script is catered to a specific quarterback’s strength, Bennett looked solid. He also got to share a really cool moment with his younger brother.

Before getting the day started, Bennett warmed up as only he can. The two-time national champion threw in a lip. Whether it was a chaw, or a Zyn, Bennett got the juices flowing early.

The lip stayed pack throughout warmups.

Once his arm was ready to go, Bennett kicked things off in front of a big crowd— though many of those in attendance were there to scout his teammates as well.

Among those watching Bennett specifically was Arthur Smith, the head coach of the Falcons. It was just a short drive down the road and Atlanta needs a quarterback. Perhaps their in-state hero is one of the organization’s late-round targets for depth at the position?

As the throwing portion got underway, Bennett looked sharp. He was throwing against air, but his release looked quick and motion fluid.

His coolest throw of the day had nothing to do with the actual on-field skill. It was a really neat play for the Bennett family.

Stetson’s little brother, Luke, walked on at Georgia in 2022. The two got to play catch at the elder brother’s Pro Day, just like they used to in the backyard.

Stetson Bennett’s draft stock is completely unknown. He could be drafted as early as the third round, or as late as the seventh. The journeyman signal-caller is expected to hear his name called, but there is no telling when that will happen!

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