Stephen A. Smith Tells Haters Whining About His Interview With Clay Travis To ‘Grow Up’

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Stephen A. Smith recently welcomed OutKick founder Clay Travis on his ‘Know Mercy’ podcast to discuss sports, politics, and cancel culture among other hot-button topics. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the sports media world that’s dominated by liberal mouthpieces was outraged.

How dare two of the most influential voices in the country sit down and have a conversation with one another? Two people who share differing opinions on certain topics may as well be illegal in 2023, according to the oh-so-tolerant left.

Ben Koo of Awful Announcing and Kyle Koster of The Big Lead were both so triggered by Smith having Travis on his podcast that they didn’t even have the stomach to mention him by name while claiming people at ESPN were upset about Travis joining the show.

Koster and Koo – two grown men – subtweeting about Travis who has 100x the reach and influence they do on social media is legitimately hilarious.


Stephen A. Smith Hits Back At Losers Mad About His Conversation With Clay Travis

Koo, Koster, and others in the media are going to have their hands full in the future when Smith invites conservative media members onto his show.

During Wednesday’s edition of ‘Know Mercy,’ Smith addressed all the pathetic critics who are lashing out at him for having Travis on the podcast.

“Let me be very, very clear: I talk to everybody,” Smith said on Wednesday’s show. “I don’t agree with a lot of people or a lot of things that people say. I don’t believe that’s a reason to hate them, any more than I want that to be a reason for them to hate me. Listen to what I have to say. If my points are valid, man up, woman up, and admit. If it’s still wrong and believe that in your heart, then say so. We move on, ’cause that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“Sean Hannity was on this show. Hopefully, Candace Owens will be on this show. So you’re damn right it’s gonna have Clay Travis on, and all the liberals, and all the conservatives.”

“Grow up, grow up, that’s how things move forward in this world,” Smith later continued.

Growing up and having meaningful conversations sounds easy enough, but don’t get your hopes up that those furious about two people having a discussion will jump on board with the idea.

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  1. One minute Smith seems like he’s pushing every race based woke talking point and the next, he’s doing things like this. I don’t get the inconsistency. He’s said that wokeism is stupid, basically, yet has carried their water on things like Kaepernick.

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