Stephen A. Smith, Bill O’Reilly Debate if Colin Kaepernick Has Gone Too Far

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Thursday night, Stephen A. Smith joined Bill O’Reilly on The First, the OTT service that airs O’Reilly’s No Spin News.

Smith and O’Reilly agreed more than one would imagine. Particularly on Colin Kaepernick going too far by irresponsibly denouncing the country on July 4.

O’Reilly raised a strong point: if the NFL is going to allow Black Lives Matter, it should also permit “protect the police.” As O’Reilly accurately notes, political sports leagues need balance; Smith didn’t argue.

However, Smith claimed the players’ political statements don’t interfere with broadcasts during the game. That’s incorrect. Excluding pregame, social messages appear on players’ helmets, “End Racism” is read in the end zones, and last night, the broadcast booth and halftime show led with non-football topics. Not exactly the escape Americans are seeking.

Later in the segment, O’Reilly came in hard with flashes of the O’Reilly Factor. Per the former cable news juggernaut, the NFL is going to lose “billions.”

“Put your money where your knee is,” he explained.

The highlight of the interview came late when O’Reilly declared the NBA as “MSNBC territory.” That is also correct.

Intriguing exchange. Is anyone surprised to see Stephen A. Smith on The First? I was.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I can’t believe they both agreed that having BLM sticker and “Respect the Police” sticker on the same helmet was a good idea. This is an awful idea. You are going to piss off both sides of the aisle having both stickers, whereas having only one sticker only alienates one side. The logical conclusion is to not have any stickers.

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