Uhh, Stephen A. Says Josh Allen, Bills Have No Shot at Super Bowl

Each year, ESPN debate shows take the first Monday after the NFL playoffs off from wall-to-wall NBA talk. The moderators then ask if the weakest remaining team can actually win the Super Bowl. You’d figure either Cleveland or Los Angeles would fill that role this season, right? Well, on First Take, that team is Buffalo.

“Could the Bills make the Super Bowl?” First Take asked today. The question is absurd, and Stephen A. Smith’s answer of “unequivocally no” is borderline laughable. 

Let that sit in, now watch:

Uhh, what in the hell is he talking about?

To be clear, Smith is not saying the Bills won’t win the Super Bowl. He is saying they can’t even come close to thinking about making it to the game at all, that there is no way this team is a contender. It’s unclear if Stephen A. Smith has even watched a Bills game this season.

The lack of knowledge in his reasoning will make your head spin. He falsely claims that the Bills cannot win easily and that they do just the bare minimum to win. That may have been the case this weekend against the Colts, but in their previous five games, the Bills have won: 56-26 against the Dolphins, 38-9 against the Patriots, 48-19 against the Broncos, 26-15 against the 49ers and 27-17 against the Chargers. Come on, guys, stop waiting until the last minute to turn it on.

Smith then said he is picking the Chiefs, who can actually blow teams out. Smith must have been really impressed with the Chiefs’ win over the Jets on Nov. 1 because that’s the last time Kansas City won a game by more than six points.

The Bills have won 10 of their last 11 games. Their one loss came via a miracle Hail Mary thrown by Kyler Murray. Buffalo has the fourth-best Super Bowl odds and various experts have called them the best team in the league — yet they don’t have a shot to win two more games? Weird. 

Stephen A. Smith can’t even fathom the possibility the Bills could beat the Ravens this Saturday. It’s rather strange to consider this game a mismatch in favor of either team, let alone the Bills, who are favored and have been better all season. Yet Smith says no way the Bills can beat the Ravens. 

To put us all in a better mood: imagine the Bills winning the Super Bowl and Stephen A. Smith trying to figure out how they even got there after such a mediocre season. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I am pretty excited that the AFC Final 4 features Kansas City, Cleveland and Buffalo – 3 fanbases that had some real tough years over the past few decades (obviously Kansas City is on a dynasty trajectory). A little fresh air after the past 20 years of Manning / Brady remixes. As a Chiefs fan, obviously I am pulling for KC and feel pretty confident in their chances, but glad to see the AFC has some fresh blood going forward. I’m thinking we are going to see a Baltimore / KC AFCCG, though (what everyone expected last year). Colts were pretty equal to Bills on Saturday, so we will see (coin flip game). I am actually pretty surprised the Chiefs are 10 point favorites, seems pretty high …

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