Steph Curry Embarrasses Tyler Herro With Wicked Crossover

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Tyler Herro is probably still trying to fix his ankles after attempting to guard Steph Curry.

The Warriors beat the Heat 123-110 Thursday night, and Herro might have taken the worst of it. With about five minutes left in the game, the talented NBA star hit the former Kentucky player with a crossover that left him looking like a fawn learning to walk.

Check out the embarrassing moment for the Miami Heat shooting guard below.

The only thing that saved Herro from ending up in the hall of fame for embarrassing NBA moments on the internet was that he didn’t fall.

If Tyler Herro had hit the deck and got close and personal with the hardwood, he would never have lived this moment down.

Fortunately for his ego and reputation, he managed to stay standing up.

Steph Curry embarrasses Tyler Herro. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

However, don’t let that fool you from thinking this moment was anything other than humiliating for the young NBA player.

Look at how much space Curry managed to get between him and Herro with that move. You could drive a Prius through that gap. Not a truck, but definitely a small Prius.

Steph Curry puts Tyler Herro on ice during a win over the Heat. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Tyler Herro went from looking Curry in his eyes to being in a different zip code in a fraction a second. Truly hilarious on all levels.

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