Steph Curry Drills Ball Boy In Head With Errant Full-Court Shot As Pregame Routine Lacks Common Courtesy

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Steph Curry’s pregame warmup routine went horribly wrong on Saturday night. He made amends after a nine-point overtime win over the Bucks, but he forgot a common courtesy that could have avoided the entire issue in the first place.

Curry, perhaps the greatest pure shooter in NBA history, is known as much for his clutch jumpers as he is for his unique warmup. That might be a stretch, but the warmup is as famous as warmups get, and it’s all backed by science.

He starts with some intense ball-handling, moves to floaters and layups, shoots around the world to get a feel from beyond the arc, freestyles for a bit, and then closes out with a big finish. The big finish consists of a full-court shot from his team’s tunnel, home or away, to the far hoop.

On Saturday, the big finish ended in disaster. It could have been much worse, but it didn’t go well.

Curry set up in the tunnel and hurled his shot across the court at the Chase Center. On the other end, an unsuspecting ball boy named Jonathan was standing under the rim, rebounding for some of Curry’s teammates. He took the errant shot directly to the dome. Headshot. Glasses flying.

Jonathan was shook, and understandably so. He took a basketball to the face.

However, upon reviewing the film, Jonathan’s peripheral vision failed him. There is certainly no expectation for a ball boy to notice a full-court shot flying across the arena, but he might have been able to avoid the headache — literally. He knew it was coming. It happens every game!

With that said— perhaps moving forward Curry can give the ball boys a literal heads up so that Jonathan doesn’t take another full-court shot to the head? It seems like that would go a long way…

How wasn’t that already a thing?!

Curry did make a point to make amends for his mistake. After dropping a game-high 36 points in a 125-116 overtime win over Milwaukee, the Golden State star gave Jonathan the jersey off of his back.

Best game worn jersey I’ve ever given away. My bad Jonathan 🤦‍♂️

— Steph Curry, via Instagram comment

Curry, by all accounts, is a solid dude. His game-worn jersey surely made up for the accident.

Written by Grayson Weir

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