Once Again, The Stanley Cup Has Had A Better Summer Than You

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There isn’t another trophy in all of sports that racks up the frequent flyer miles quite like the Stanley Cup. Each summer it travels more than your average Instagram model and appears in almost as many pictures.

This year, the Colorado Avalanche got to take the Stanley Cup wherever they wanted, and do whatever they wanted. Some players got creative.

Norris Trophy and Conn Smythe-winner Cale Makar indulged in a classic Cup activity: eating breakfast out of the most famous trophy in sports.

While cereal is the usually Stanley Cup breakfast food of choice, Makar switched it up and opted for some pancakes. Fortunately, Phil Pritchard — the Keeper of the Cup — was there to document this and many more of the Cup’s escapades.

High marks to Makar for not letting the obvious logistical flaws of eating pancakes out of a bowl stop him from living out his Stanley Cup dream. I’m sure cleaning real-deal Canadian maple syrup out of the Cup’s crevices was nice and easy.

Of course, you need something to wash down those pancakes, and Makar had just the idea. So Makar and his brother hoofed it down to the nearest 7-Eleven and filled the Cup with Slurpee.

Makar wasn’t the only one who got thirsty during his day with the Cup. Backup goalie Pavel Francouz took the Cup to Plzeň, Czech Republic. While Plzeň is known as the City of Beer, Francouz and a few teammates decided to crush — of all things — a Stanley Cup’s worth of peppermint rum.

Why not beer? Because it was Pavel Fancouz’s day with the Cup, that’s why.

The Cup spent a lot of time at lakes this summer

There aren’t many better ways to spend a sweltering summer day than hanging by the lake, and the Stanley Cup did just that.

Avs defensemen Sam Girard hoisted the Cup on the shores of Lac Saint-John. If you’re not well-versed in French, allow me to translate. It means Lake Saint-John.

The Cup looked on while another Avs D-man — this time Josh Manson — showed off his wakeboarding (or whatever you call it) skills. While Logan O’Connor and the Cup’s ol’ Slurpee-drinking pal Cale Makar took it onboard a Calgary Fire Department speedboat.

Players and coaches have been more than happy to share the Stanley Cup love

It wasn’t just Avalanche players getting their moments with the Cup. Some players took it back to their hometown, their old rinks, visited hospitals, and even carted it on stage at a Music Festival in Finland.

Coach Jared Bednar took the rink back to Charleston, South Carolina, where he was once the head coach of the ECHL’s South Carolina Stingrays.

Of course, with this much traveling, defensemen Jack Johnson, did his best to ensure that Lord Stanley’s Cup always arrives safe and sound.

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