Standup Comic Crystal Marie Denha Is Reportedly Dating Adam Carolla

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Let’s give it up for Adam Carolla this afternoon after it was revealed that’s dating fellow comic Crystal Marie Denha, who is known to describe herself as having “big titty energy.”

And just like that, we have a new comedy power couple heading into 2023. Page Six reports Carolla, who hosts the popular, “Adam Carolla Show” started dating Denha 18 months after announcing he was divorcing his wife, Lynette.

Besides having that “big titty energy” going on, the 38-year-old Denha, the daughter of Iraqi immigrants, serves as a volunteer EMT outside of her work at the Improv, the Comedy Factory and other great comedy rooms. Denha has also worked for “Extra” and appeared on a 2020 episode of “Punk’d.”

Now Denha’s profile is about to grow exponentially.

Carolla, 56, announced on his show in 2021 that his marriage was over. “We’re going to start the show with some sad personal news: Lynette and I are getting divorced,” he told his audience. “It’s not something that I wanted to get or to do, I’m a product of divorce, Lynette’s a product of divorce … No one ever signs up to get divorced.

“We’ve been together for 25 years, we’re very different human beings, we have different sets of philosophies, that’s for sure. It’s not an event, it’s not somebody was cheating, it’s not chronic gambling or COVID.

“It’s really just two people that were just that different and just had completely different processes and approaches to life and just couldn’t meet in the middle somewhere.”

Enter Denha. Allegedly. Reportedly.

It just so happens in 2021, Denha posted a comedy bit she did about dating where she instructed women on how to “date down.”

“Ladies, you gotta keep that motherf–ker down,” the comic said to the roars of ladies in the room. “Don’t make the same mistake I made when I started dating this new guy. He was broke. I was the breadwinner. So he worshipped me. Then I was like I want to be a power couple. So I helped him start his company. Now he’s making more money than I am. So he’s talking back.

“Caught him taking selfies in the bathroom the other day like he’s cute. He started peeing standing up again.

“So when I say keep that motherf–ker down I mean it.

“If your man comes home and says, ‘Hey babe, I just signed up for a marathon hit him in the f–king kneecaps.”

And just like that, Carolla-Denha is a couple to watch in 2023. Please, we’re begging both of you, make this country laugh again even if it’s at the expense of your relationship. Make jokes about each other. Make jokes about dating. About peeing sitting down.

Just make us laugh again.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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